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California: A High-Speed Train of Taxes and Spending – By Joel Griffith

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown boldly championed an unabashedly liberal agenda throughout his 16th—and final—State of the State address. The governor declared, “California is prospering,” a stark turnaround from the economic mayhem of the Great Recession and mortgage meltdown. He pointed to the budget surplus today vs the …

Updated 2.20.18: Biased FBI and DOJ Officials Broke The Law And Tried To Decide The Election – an Annotated Timeline

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailTHE TIMELINE OF TRUTH BELOW! ~~ PLS SHARE!! Over 200,000 views! UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY – Last Update 2.16.18/11:20 am PST In this Update: Deleting Emails Is Against The Law? Who knew? – Mueller’s Latest Indictment Remember when Hillary deleted over 33,000 emails claiming there weren’t work related even though …

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