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Thomas Tanton

California’s Cap and Trade: Risk of Failure

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailHere we go again . . . Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 398, which extends California’s ‘cap and trade’ program until 2030. It was set to expire in 2020. It’s part of California’s overall program to reduce emissions of gasses blamed for global climate change. …

Here’s an Idea that Gets a Two-fer, California

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailCalifornia’s independent and non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) has released a detailed report on ways the billions of dollars collected from Cap and Trade auctions might be better spent. Noting that spending on measures that reduce California emissions are likely not necessary to meet statutory goals, LAO …

A Modest Proposal

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailThere are some areas of inconsistencies between Brown’s budget and his policy statements. In his combined inauguration and State of the State address, Brown said he wanted to increase the use of renewable electricity to 50 percent and increase alternative fuels in transportation. Those two programs are …

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