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Tom Del Beccaro

How Far Can States Go In Fighting The DACA Decision? and the Answer As To Why California Is Going It Alone

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailThe Mercury News asks the relevant questions today.  What right do states have to fight a federal immigration decision? Isn’t the federal government in charge of immigration? Until the lawsuits filed in response to Trump’s decision to restrict refugees, you would of thought so.  But the Judges …

5 questions for Stephen Moore

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email Our September 6th Newsmaker is Stephen Moore. Stephen Moore is an economist and writer. Moore is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and a Founder, along with Art Laffer, Steve Forbes and Larry Kudlow of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity – a group dedicated …

A 2020 Democratic agenda is emerging – and Single Payer Health-Care Is The Center Piece

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailThe Washington Post tells us that the future leadership of the Democrats wants to replace Obamacare with a single-payer (read taxpayer) health-care system.  That will amount to a significant movement to the Left for the Democrat Party if their Congressional candidates fall in line with that prescription. …

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