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Tom Del Beccaro

5 questions for Frank DeMartini – Conservative Running For Congress in Hollywood

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email PV’s Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Frank DeMartini Question No. 1.  Why CA-43?; Why Should Republicans Support an Effort to Unseat this Incumbent? Frank DeMartini: Maxine Waters has been in Congress way too long.  She is out of touch with her constituency and has become a typical Washington, corrupt politician. …

The Top Four Reasons California Is Unsustainable

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailCalifornia is a place unlike any other on the Globe.  It boasts perhaps the greatest natural resources of any state along with shining high-tech industries.  However, like many good economic stories, government policies threaten its future. Indeed, its government has made California unsustainable. Of course, it wasn’t always …

Where We Stand: America in 2018

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailObviously, America is rather divided. At any one moment, between 30% and 40% of each side will support their own side and oppose the other side reflexively – regardless of the issue or the truth.    Just over a year into the Trump Presidency, we find:   …

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