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Tom Del Beccaro

Mueller & Company Have to GO – Mueller Subpoenas Trump Bank Records and FBI and Justice Department Corruption Needs to End

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email*Updated at 11:59 am PST. The criminalization of politics in officially out of control. Today we learn from Bloomberg tha :  Mueller Subpoenas Trump Deutsche Bank Records Really, did I miss the memo that says that Mueller can investigate anything he wants? Wasn’t he given a fairly …

Without Question: Trump’s Court Picks A Total Different Direction Than Obama and What Hillary Would Have Done

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailPresidents have enormous power.  Perhaps greatest among them is their ability to shape the Courts. President Donal Trump is using his to appoint conservative judges. Many doubted Donald Trump the candidate when he suggested he would pick conservative judges.  They did so because Trump had an uneven …

A Palace Coup

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailDid you notice that the Mueller investigation’s only indictments, despite months of work and millions of dollars spent,  did not mention the word “campaign” ? Did you notice that Mueller investigation is now seeking documents related to the firing of James Comey? Did you notice that, according …

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