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Tom Del Beccaro

5 Questions for Buzz Patterson on North Korea & Iran

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailOur October Newsmaker is Buzz Patterson. Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson, United States Air Force (Retired), is a military combat pilot, distinguished White House military aide, bestselling author, leadership consultant, popular public speaker and commercial airline pilot. Among Patterson’s literary efforts include two New York Times best sellers: …

At least FIFTY dead and 406 injured as gunman with terrifying arsenal of weapons opens fire on packed Vegas music festival from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel: Shooter killed and ‘companion’ caught

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email“America is reeling from the worst mass shooting in its history after at least 50 people were killed and more than 406 wounded at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night.” Read Full Story Photo Credit: AP, from DailyMail Story.

State/Federal Divide – Media Missed Republican Takeover of New England – What It means for the future of politics.

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailOne of the dynamics of the television/Internet age, is that the world is a much smaller place.  Whatever happens in one place is easily known thousands of miles away. In politics, that has tended to make all things national. A Presidential candidate does not have to campaign …

Update: Librarian Exposed as a Massive Phony After “Melania Trump fires back at librarian who rejected gift of Dr. Seuss books as ‘racist’”

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailAs the start of the day, I wrote this An endless number of people on the Left complain about what America isn’t and then tell us what America should be.  They seek to tear down statues, cities and institutions – because they don’t live up their contemporary …

A Pathetic LA Times Article on Proposed Tax Reform & Feinstein Makes No Sense – “Trump, Republican tax plan could be a big hit to many Californians”

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailSo, the Republicans unveiled their Tax Reform Plan.  There are many legitimate questions about a “plan” that has yet to be written in detail. With taxes, AS A LEGAL MATTER, every single word counts.  Nothing is final and this will be a difficult process. What jumps out …

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