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Tom Del Beccaro

5 questions for Christina Pushaw

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email PV’s Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Christina Pushaw Pv Contributor Christina Pushaw studied abroad in Russia and worked for an international education management company in Georgia and Azerbaijan. She has traveled extensively in Eastern Europe and conducted field research in Ukraine.  Recently, she organized a protest in Georgetown …

What Did The Alabama Result Tell Us

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailThere was a special election in Alabama and the whole Media world came, just not many voters.  So what does it all mean? Roy Moore was not a good candidate.  He was unable to unify his party because of his polarizing past – a past that preceded …

Jerusalem, Trump & Media Bias

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailPresident Trump made a campaign promise to establish the U.S. Embassy in Israel.  Recently, he declared that the U.S. would do just that. As you may know, in 1995, President Bill Clinton signed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.  It is U.S. law.  Not a policy.  LAW.  Here …

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