My Trip To The Land of Reality

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem ... by Mark Larson

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem … by Mark Larson


Everyone ought to get out of the house once in a while. In fact, it’s an even better idea to get out of the country. In fact, right now I’m thinking of a few politicians who I’d like to see joining Mr. Snowden in exile, but let’s not go there today.

Last week I returned from a fascinating trip to Israel. It was an eight-day immersion in history and current events, and I loved exploring it all with a small group of new friends.

What a tour it was, visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Golan Heights (where it was snowing), the Dead Sea, Masada, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho and more. The best gift of all? Perspective. And thankfulness. I felt remarkably safe while they’re, even in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority and with plenty of armed people around, providing security for all sides.

By the way, memo to Washington, DC bureaucrats: I learned very clearly that fences DO work.   Nothing like standing near the wall of security that separates Israel from Syria and contemplating the chaos that is not too far away on the other side, giving thanks for the barriers.

But besides the obvious problems and deadly evildoers in the “neighborhood,” something else bothered me. For the first time in my many world travels over the years I felt a tremendous lack of confidence in my home country. Political correctness has run amok, steady streams of apologies flow from the nation’s capital and there’s an attitude of making our friends around the world feel like enemies . . . all making us less secure, while sending the wrong message to the world.

It’s (to use an overused word these days) “amazing” to see how much weaker the Obama administration appears from overseas, when contrasting the faculty lounge rhetoric with real world threats. I’ve have been in war zones like Afghanistan, China several times, Russia… but no matter when and where, and regardless of who was in the White House I always had a sense of, “No worries, we are the greatest nation on Earth. We’ll be fine”.

These days, I’m not that sure. That is, if the politicians were the only ones in the mix. But they aren’t, thank God. The American people are resilient, and eventually wake up calls come and reason prevails. I just pray it’s not too late one day.

So I stick with Ronald Reagan’s philosophy in the story he often told about the giant manure pile, and the little kid who was digging into it. When asked why, the youngster said, “With all this manure there’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere”.

Time to find the pony, get it to grow up fast and strong, and ride it to round up reinforcements. And fast.

Environmental Hubris and Poor judgment Claims Oregon’s Democrat Governor

Internet Screen shot from the Oregnian provided by Victoria Taft

Internet Screen shot from the Oregnian provided by Victoria Taft

Governor John Kitzhaber left office Wednesday. He resigned because he had broken an ethical contract with the people of Oregon and this time the official media actually bothered to report it.

Officially, the Oregon Democrat, who won an unprecedented fourth term of office in November, left under a stink of suspicion.

Kitzhaber’s under investigation by the Oregon State Attorney General’s Office, the state ethics commission and the FBI. Even the House Congressional Government Oversight Committee wants a piece of him.

Unofficially, Oregon’s Governor was brought down by his ego, environmental hubris, one party rule and an open fly.

The Governor’s fiancé, Cylvia Hayes, whom Kitzhaber insisted the media (and everyone else) address as ‘Oregon’s First Lady’ (beginning well before he ‘put a ring on it’), is a woman by whom Kitzhaber is clearly wholly beguiled.

Hayes cajoled her boyfriend into using his office to advance her and her friends’ careers and arrogate grants and state (read: taxpayer) largesse to her.

Kitzhaber was eager to do it. He enlisted the help of his staff to make it happen. It turns out you might be able to do that if you’re just-some-guy with a hot, younger girlfriend, but not if you’re the Governor using other peoples’ money.

It wouldn’t be the first time Cylvia Hayes pulled the opportunistic grifter girlfriend act.

The woman with a degree from Washington State’s hippy-dippy Evergreen State College:

  • Once married an illegal alien for $5,000.00. She never bothered to tell her Governor boyfriend about the first of her three matrimonial unions.
  • Hayes talked an older boyfriend into buying property to plant an illegal pot farm. He claimed she took the lead on the plan.
  • As a 35 year old woman, she convinced an 81 year old man to loan her $40,000 as a down payment for a house and talked him into a trip to Paris.
  • She got another coot 20 years her senior to cover the loan from other old guy, pay her daily expenses and advance her career. His name is John Kitzhaber.

In fact, her biography is so tawdry and ignominious, the U.K. Daily Mail labeled her, ‘Oregon’s Shady First Lady.’

MailOnline has discovered she divorced her second husband, married an Ethiopian for a green card and went away with a lover all in matter of months.

Unfortunately for Kitzhaber, his kind of ‘help’ brought the scrutiny of law enforcement. And it could also put him –and her, due to her failure to report some of her ill-gotten fees to the IRS — in matching orange jumpsuits.

Of course, most of this information was available before the November election. But this is Oregon. Despite Kitzhaber’s colossal biffing of the ‘OrBamaCare’ plan roll out, Cover Oregon, and a huge failed light rail program, both of which left Oregon’s taxpayers a half BILLION dollars in the hole, Oregon went bluer in the last GOP tidal wave election.

Oregon, being a one-party state with a slavishly Democrat devoted media and less than robust GOP, hired back the jeans-wearing old guy.

Can you blame Kitzhaber for thinking he was bullet proof?

But, as the game show prize announcer man always says, ‘There’s more!’

 The truth is, Kitzhaber let his grifter girlfriend get her way because they hold the same radical environmental views. He believed he would get cover from his fawning media, ironically whom he blamed for his fall from grace. He knew his fellow Democrats in the legislature would do his bidding and look the other way and indeed they did.


  • After it became known Kitzhaber asked his staff to destroy emails, which we now know, show his willingness to satiate his fiancé’s seemingly insatiable desire for more taxpayer money and power.
  • After the Feds and AG’s office said despite the Governor’s efforts to slow-roll document discovery under open records law, they’d investigate anyway.
  • After the election with the Democrat leitmotif firmly established, the daily (dying) newspaper of record called for Kitzhaber’s resignation.

The Secretary of State would take over.

Kate Brown, an even more radical environmentalist than Kitzhaber and his girlfriend, has now taken control of Oregon’s governor’s office. She has the added bonus of a being, as the LGBT community helpfully added mere moments after Kitzhaber announced his intent to resign, the first ‘bi-sexual Governor’ ever, ever.

Now Democrats can continue the same — or worse — programs and plans without John Kitzhaber to kick around anymore.

Out of sight, out of mind. Change the subject.

Until the next time.







Republicans should not even think of watching the Oscars

© Roza | - Oscar, Academy Awards Photo

© Roza | – Oscar, Academy Awards Photo

LOS ANGELES, February 22, 2015 — With much of the nation encountering freezing weather, the stars came out for a thrilling Sunday event under the warm sun. The award for the very best was based purely on merit, and the competition was honest, clean and an accurate representation of the heart and soul of America. Republicans cheered as photographers snapped pictures.

Joey Logano edged out Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the 2015 Daytona 500, the only event worth watching on this Sunday. Later on this night an event representing the bowels of America will take place.

While it may seem trendy for conservatives and Republicans to bash the Academy Awards, many on the right will still watch. This makes no sense. If the Daytona 500 shows the American spirit at its best, the Oscars show the very worst.

Since liberals obsess over choice, conservatives should take their advice and choose to watch something else. NFL Network has the Scouting Combine. Reruns of Law and Order are on about half of all channels. ESPN has a documentary featuring Snoop Dogg and his son. Fox News has a new John Stossell program. The Weather Channel has weather. For those who love pretty colors, a couple of channels have test patterns that would make Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition proud.

Republicans who complain about Hollywood while watching the Oscars only enable Hollywood. Treat the Oscars like a 400 pound transsexual wearing spandex. Do not be one of the few people who have to stop and look. Keep your head down, ignore it, and walk right past it.

Does anybody think ISIS or al Qaeda fighters put aside their hostility to watch the Chabad Telethon?

Does the National Organization for Women donate time and money to help college fraternities put on female Jell-O wrestling competitions like in “Old School?”

Does the NAACP gather around the table to watch the Real Housewives of the OC?

Conservatives and Republicans are the only people who feel the need to constantly subject themselves to ideological bigotry.

Republicans have to get over their Stockholm Syndrome desperation to be liked by people who do not matter and have never mattered. The Academy Awards is everything conservatives preach against. The voting is subjective. The voters let ideological biases trump quality. Many Academy voters do not even the watch the movies they vote on. Merit plays little if any role in winning.

Republicans do not need to spend four hours watching pompous elitist liberal gasbags spout off about global warming or other nonsense. One President Obama is bad enough. Listening to his clones drone on is not necessary. Jokes will fall into two categories. Republicans are either evil or stupid. What self-respecting Republican would watch this?

Al Sharpton may be about as useful as colon cancer, but at least he is willing to boycott the Oscars. A bunch of lily-white liberals who preach diversity and multiculturalism nominated only white people for the top categories. Blacks were excluded, so Sharpton is organizing what may be the only boycott of his career where he could be right. Blacks stand up when they see injustice. So do Muslims. Why not Republicans and conservatives? Why give money through ratings to an entity that hates your guts?

Hollywood has been losing money in recent years because it keeps insisting on insulting half of the country. If all of Red America would stop giving money to Blue America, then ratings would plummet and Hollywood would be forced to change its behavior. Why prop up a failing entity that brings nothing positive to this world?

Self-indulgent, narcissistic spoiled brats who earn millions playing make-believe for a living have every right to look down on real Americans working hard to feed their families. Hollywood celebrities have every right to do lines of cocaine off of the backsides of nubile young models. They have every right to insult everything we conservatives believe in.

We conservatives are fools if we enable that right. Change the channel. Take back normal, real America from the leftist one-percenters parasites.

The Denver Nuggets play the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight in NBA basketball. The ATP Tennis tour has the Delray Beach Open. Both of those contests will be decided based on merit.

Until then, as rapper Big Daddy Kane once sang, “Burn, Hollywood burn.”