Recommendations for the California Propositions

The California Propositions:

The use of the initiative process in California, has exploded in the last twenty years. It is an important right of Californians but it is being abused by the Democrat controlled legislature.

The Democrats place spending bills on the ballot to fund such things as schools. That should never happen. Funds for schools should be a part of the general budget. Instead of doing that, the Democrats fund their pet projects with the general budget and then create “off budget” items through the initiative process. I am against that process.

My Recommendations:

Prop 51 – VOTE NO – Education Bond – $9 billion in spending that should be a part of the general budget. This represents the worst of the initiative process and the Democrat controlled legislature.

Prop 52 – VOTE YES – Healthcare Funds Restriction – “If the initiative is approved by the state’s voters, it will add language to the California Constitution to require voter approval of changes to the hospital fee program to make it harder for the legislature to divert these funds from the original intended purpose of supporting hospital care to Medi-Cal patients and to help pay for healthcare for low-income children.” – State AG office.

Prop 53 – VOTE YES – Bond Restriction – Requires voter approval before State can issue bonds larger than $2 billion. I would like it to be even lower – but this gives us a say before they add more debt.

Prop 54 – VOTE YES – 72 Hour Publication Requirement – Requires all bills to have been printed on the Internet for 72 hours before passage. This is meant to stop the process of “gut and amending” – the process of taking existing bills that were filed within the proper time limit from being gutted and then replaced with language that was not timely filed.

Prop 55 – VOTE NO – Tax Extension – Voting No ends additional tax on those making $250,000 over the next 12 years. CA is the highest taxed state in the Country. Higher taxes kill jobs and CA government does not to be given more money. They waste what they are given already.

Prop 56 – VOTE NO – Tobacco Tax – $2 tax on tobacco – Very little of the money gets spent for its alleged purpose, i.e. reducing smoking.

Prop 57 – VOTE NO – Crime Penalty Reduction – simply letting people out of jail is not the answer to the many problems facing the tragedy of the California prison system and those incarcerated.

Prop 58 – VOTE NO – Bilingual Education – I am convinced that bilingual education reduces assimilation hurting those in school and the country at large.

Prop 59 – VOTE NO – Campaign Finance Preference – This proposition has no legal effect and should not be on the ballot. Further, Citizens United was correctly decided.

Prop 60 – VOTE NO – Porn Regulation – It is the job of the legislature to regulate the pornography industry. Tell them to do their job.

Prop 61 – VOTE NO – Prescription drug price regulations – This bill will not result in real savings for all Californians. It just picks different winners and losers.

Prop 62 – VOTE NO – Death Penalty Repeal – Do not vote to end the death penalty.

Prop 63 – VOTE NO – Ammunition Restrictions – This is an unconstitutional infringement on the right to keep and bear arms that will not reduce gun violence if it passed.

Prop 64 – Vote NO – Marijuana Legalization – Will lead to increased crime because marijuana is a Federal Schedule 1 drug. That designation precludes banks from doing business with dispensaries. As a result, those dispensaries do all cash businesses that leads to increased gun violence and robberies.

Prop 65 – VOTE NO – Plastic Bag $ Transfer – I am against this tax and cannot support giving its proceeds to environmentalists – overall it is not beneficial to anyone.

Prop 66 – VOTE YES – It is time to reform the delays of the Death Penalty.

Prop 67 – VOTE NO – This ends the plastic  bag ban. Note he tricky wording – you have to vote No to end the ban.

Tom Del Beccaro's recommendations for the California Propositions.