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CA #1 in Poverty: Anaheim, CA City Council Declares State of Emergency Over Burgeoning Homeless

Anaheim, CA City Council Declares State of Emergency Over Burgeoning Homeless

Anaheim, California, home to world famous Disneyland, is exploding with so many homeless encampments along the Santa Ana River, the city council voted to declare a state of emergency to allow for the removal of the tents, as well as used hypodermic needles and the remains of excrement.

This is the result of the failed Democratic policies of the state Legislature, and lawlessness encouraged by liberal politicians. The California Legislature, dominated by Democrats for decades, and Gov. Jerry Brown, passed Assembly Bill 109, which removed dangerous criminals from state prisons, “realigning” them down to county jails. The Legislature even passed a bill following passage of AB 109 to redefine “recidivism” so law enforcement cannot keep track of the recidivist statistics. Then Proposition 47 and Proposition 57 were pushed by Democrats and passed by the voters decriminalizing theft, drug crimes and many sex crimes.

Buckle up. We are going to see more and more cities overrun by drug addicted vagrants, hobos, bums, illegal aliens and criminals. The Golden State is now a dull.


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  1. OK, where do you propose they should go? Into someone else’s back yard?

    Perhaps developing a program of some sort to put them to WORK…

    Pay them to clean up their mess, for one job… and establish a place for them to live.

    How many Vacant buildings are there in the area? Maybe give them a Tax break for opening up their buildings to be used by the Homeless would work?

    Are there any legitimate Camp Grounds around? Help them USE them!

    There MUST be something that can be done to solve the problem…

    Just passing a Law making it illegal for them to LIVE along the Santa Ana river will NOT solve the problem; it will make it worse; they must be able to live somewhere!

    Solve the problem… Don’t create more problems!

  2. If a stray dog was found running around in the middle of the freeway what should we do? 1. Give him a bowl of food and water? 2. Drive on by and hope you don’t hit it? 3. Capture him and take it to a shelter where they can keep it from getting hit? The problem is that a lot of people have the, “Do Something Disease” and I’m not sure why that is so. Many of these people should be institutionalized, either prison or in a mental health facility. I know what your saying….Who’s going to pay for this? Well, as society breaks down due to leftist culture and policies destroying our civil society we better be prepared to deal with it. Our education system is failing due to a multitude of problems most stemming from the failed Democrat Politicians Policies. We have people graduating from High Schools and Colleges who have no idea about anything including Math Science Language History. Many can tell you about all the latest TV shows their stars and the latest films fashion and music. The left has taken us to the brink of anarchy pushing drugs alcohol and sex into our children’s lives. No wonder what were seeing is the unraveling of the American society. God has been removed from the public square and replaced with POP culture. We need to take back our country and help these lost souls with some tough love even if it means going back to jail or being treated for drug or alcohol addiction. Stop passing laws legalizing drugs. The only way we’re going to win this cultural battle is to stand up against the left in this country.

    1. NO! These people have a “THEY MUST DO SOMETHING” emphasis on “THEY” someone else not them! So when a smart, astute, conniving, politician(redundant statement) sees the opportunity he soon makes a speech and promises to solve the problem FOR them—–wait for it—–with YOUR MONEY! Then he goes around patting himself on the back and telling people how generous and EMpathetic he/she is—–pathetic is more like it, taking credit for spending YOUR hard earned money and telling YOU how better he is at it THEN YOU are! Don’t complain unless you are prepared to PARTICIPATE in the solution with either effort or money or both! BTW 90% of shelter animals are killed YOU know I am sure!

  3. Why did you illustrate this story with a picture of a BART train? Such trains run about 450 miles north of Anaheim (hence the name Bay Area Rapid Transit).


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