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CA #1 in Poverty: Anaheim, CA City Council Declares State of Emergency Over Burgeoning Homeless

Anaheim, CA City Council Declares State of Emergency Over Burgeoning Homeless Anaheim, California, home to world famous Disneyland, is exploding with so many homeless encampments along the Santa Ana River, the city council voted to declare a state of emergency to allow for the removal of the tents, as well … 0 7

Remember when we taught civics? “School Principal Says Chanting ‘USA’ May Send ‘Unintended Message’”

There was a time when American children were taught American history and “civics.”  In recent decades that has fallen by the wayside in favor of social studies and the concern over political correctness. Of course, it is impossible for a civilization to endure if its educators and parents don’t pass … 0 13

California’s poverty rate remains nation’s highest

Just read that headline.  You would think that the approval rating for the Democrat leaders in this state would be low in the face of 3 straight years of CA being #1 in poverty.  It is not low however.  Why?  Because the Media doesn’t report CA poverty.  Just ask yourself … 0 12

Don’t be alarmed if Legislature’s housing package makes things worse

Supply and Demand: CA might not know it, but the laws of economics have not been repealed. As I write about in my latest OC Register column, there is no mystery as to why CA housing prices continue to raise. CA policy makers are to Balme.  For instance, “Marin County … 0 18

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