Candidate Debates are Essential to Democracy

by kenneth White

To my “friends” on the left: how can we be friends when you won’t do unto me as I do unto you? Agree with me now, that all our political candidates should be required to participate in debates! Hold your incumbents & candidates as accountable as you do mine…

We must demand that there be debates, if you can be content with allowing democrats to run for office and not debate their challengers please explain how that aligns with our form of government?! After all we have seen this past two years, if you can say you are okay with democrats not owing the American people an explanation, without facing us and their challengers and that you’re prepared to simply vote Democrat again sight unseen. Well sadly I guess today is our last day being friends, because all I’m asking for is fairness and if that’s not in your heart to be fair, you’re not the kind of person I want as a friend.

We have a binary system of government, the left has all but destroyed that notion. I am asking my fellow Americans across the aisle, help us restore our correct system of government, demand Democrats debate their challengers in 2022! If need be I will host and moderate, you all know me to be a fair man. Both sides will be heard and no ” Gotcha Questions” to either side.

Any willing incumbents and candidates contact me at:

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