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Cassandra is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades. Most recently coming off Capitol Hill, she has experience in almost every level of government from national lawmaking to small local campaigns. She also has experience in print, online, and television journalism along with a passion for writing and speaking.

Having grown up on a cattle ranch in one of the last conservative strongholds in California, Cassandra entered the University of California, Santa Barbara a devout moderate, excited for new learning opportunities and experiences. However, being in such an intensely liberal area during the 2016 election was the necessary push back to her conservative roots. Cassandra has witnessed professor, administrative, and student bias against conservatives along with the outright violence that also can occur. Many of her own experiences including threats, harassment, and prejudice are what pushed her to be vocal about her conservative views with the end goal of restoring to her generation the core beliefs of what this country was founded on — the ability to live freely.

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