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Cleaning up the EPA – How the EPA’s Pruitt is Fighting Corruption

In the real world, a member of a Board of Directors or Advisory Committees would face laws that restrict activities that represent conflicts of interests.  For instance, a Board Member or an Advisory Committee would face a hurdle to having his or her corporation do business with the company for which that person is a board or advisory member.

The reason for that is simple. Board of Directors generally should not personally profit from their votes, because, if they could, their views would not be objective. They would be subject to lacing their personal interests ahead of the company they serve.

Under the Obama White House, that apparently was not how things operated.

According to the current EPA head, Scott Pruitt, “advisory board members have received $77 million in grant money over the past three years.”

To stop that, Pruitt issued a directive “prohibiting scientists from serving on one of the agency’s three main advisory panels while they are receiving EPA grant funding.”

“The tempest over Pruitt’s calls for objective research illustrates the government’s longstanding politicization of scientific research.”

Of course, the self-serving agenda was to prove that man is at fault for Climate Change.  That’s your dollars at work.

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EPA’s Scott Pruitt drains the swamp like no one else in Washington

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