Del Beccaro Trump raid shows that FBI, Justice Department want to decide who can be our president

by Tom Del Beccaro

The FBI raid of Trump’s home on August 8, in concert with the Department of Justice (DOJ), marks a dark and seminal point in American history. There can be no undoing of that act.  Sadly, the world has seen America, once the land of the free, descend into a new the realm with the DOJ and FBI attempting to decide who can be president of our country — not unlike so many military coups throughout history.

There will be much fallout over the raid at Trump’s Florida home. There are significant legal and political consequences, including potentially making Trump into a political martyr and even helping his 2024 presidential campaign. Those pale in comparison, however, to the FBI and DOJ’s stunning foray over the last few years into politics, a foray that was capped off by the Mar-a-Lago raid.

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