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How Paradise was Lost

The 2020 Presidential election was rigged, freedom has been destroyed, purportedly over a virus scare, and now Americans are subject to the censorship of their speech. Yet another illegitimate article of impeachment has been passed by the House of Representatives, ostensibly to deny President Trump the ability to appear on the 2024 ballot, thus rigging that election in advance. America is about to inaugurate an illegitimate President who has taken money from America’s enemies. Joe Biden promises he will attack Second Amendment rights next. America has become a dictatorship in which the American people have no voice and few rights. Disagreeing with the American left is fast becoming a crime. Patriots must stand together to resist this oppression and (through non-violent means) oppose the whole corrupt system, deep state, swamp, etc. Has Paradise been lost?

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Paradise Lost

One year ago we had it all… The American economy was growing magnificently. Small businesses were thriving, there were more jobs than people to work in them. Wages were rising. Minority business ownership was up 400% and minority unemployment was at historic lows. The USMCA deal will improve working conditions and wages in Mexico making wages in America more competitive. We were winning the trade war with China and they were on their knees. Plans were put in place to reduce US military operations overseas and bring our troops home. Iran and N Korea were cowed and seeking a way out from under sanctions. Peace had broken out in the Middle East wherein an unlikely alliance was forming between Israel and Arab states. Life was a paradise in which everything seemed to be going our way. Ordinary, working class Americans had everything they wanted and we were everywhere winning.

For the corrupt politicians, billionaires, and leftist elites this was a nightmare. Zuckerberg, Bezos, and big tech don’t approve of competition. The Obamas, Bidens, Pelosis, and Cheneys, could not control the game to their own corrupt benefit and that of their families. Their ill-gotten fortunes and power bases threatened, they acted to destroy President Trump, and his supporters: the American people. Using the virus as an excuse, the economy was shuttered unnecessarily on the advice of unelected scientists. Unemployment and poverty sky-rocketed. Soon, governors were breaking up the right of assembly, and religious freedom was ended. In some states and localities, people were all but locked in their homes. All this to punish Americans for daring to challenge the authority of the ruling class. No one can permitted to take power from these elites and transfer it to working people. Just as no one can disagree with the left’s radical ideology. We have just experienced a coup d’état by means of a “public health crisis” and a rigged election.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory speech.

Into the Night…

As of the publishing of this article, Biden has not even taken office and already China’s President Xi Jinping is telling his military to prepare for war. Iran is increasing uranium enrichment. North Korea is expanding their nuclear program. Biden’s illegitimate election has signaled the weakness of America and it is open season for our enemies. How many Americans and our allies will suffer and die from this weakness? America is becoming a dystopia of leftwing corruption, Neo-Marxist puritan moralizing, and the suppression of all dissent. Biden’s 100 day agenda is leftist’s dream that will devastate America. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords will cause energy prices to skyrocket. Raising the minimum wage will destroy small businesses and utterly destroy rural America. Combined with the rampant inflation caused by recent increases in the money supply, this will bring poverty and misery to the working class.

What can we, the American people do about this? Our enemies would have us surrender and do as they say. They want us to believe the lie that Biden “won” the election and they want us to play dead as they kick us repeatedly while we are down. We don’t have to take this. Trump supporters provide the food, energy, and transportation in this country. Our President won two Presidential elections. Even now, more than 1/3rd of voters stand passionately with the President. That easily gives our side one-fifth of the adult population and perhaps closer to one quarter. Polls are remarkably inaccurate on such matters. Our protests, strikes, or boycotts can be destructive. When Facebook and Twitter censored the President and began to censor us, their share prices crashed costing them over $50 million in market cap. Parler was delisted despite meeting all terms and conditions for various platforms attacking it. Parler is suing big tech and the lawsuit should prove interesting. Already, they are being forced to back down.

For the first two years of President Trump’s administration he was stunted by an investigation into ridiculous allegations of “foreign collusion.” This prevented his administration from successfully pursuing reforms to healthcare, immigration, and spending among others. If a popularly elected President can be so easily stifled by an extremist minority and the Deep State, how easily could the Biden Administration be stunted by a large popular majority? Their agenda is unpopular and each of their policy proposals disastrous to the economy. It will not take long for Americans to realize that life under Trump was truly paradise.

Any revolutionary from the last two centuries would have given their left eye to have the support of such numbers. How many governments have been entirely overthrown by a tiny minority? It stands to reason, then, that a large popular movement engaged in non-violent resistance should be able to achieve goals far short of the entire overthrow of a government? Stifling a radical and unpopular agenda backed by only a minority of mostly unproductive citizens should prove easy enough. In the 2022 Mid-terms we will need to rid the Republican Party of weak links and then reclaim control of Congress. A Trump-led GOP can succeed thereafter in stifling the Biden Administration. All the more so if the incompetent, unpopular, and unrelatable Kamala Harris should come to office by means of the 25th Amendment when Biden finally proves unable to maintain the illusion that he is in office.

Securing Our Elections

By far the most important thing that MUST be achieved prior to 2024 is securing our elections. The GOP controls state legislatures in most states and many swing states and it is essential that they use that power to implement election reforms. Voting should be in-person on election day with a valid ID required and safeguards to be certain that only US citizens vote and that they vote once in a single jurisdiction. Mail-in voting should be heavily restricted to military serving abroad, those serving on official US business overseas, and those with disabilities. Early voting should be available for those who travel for work, but this would require an ID and safeguards to ensure people do not abuse the system to vote more than once. We must also continue to pursue a thorough investigation of the 2020 election and seek criminal penalties for those involved in voter fraud, unconstitutional voting irregularities, and the removal of poll watchers.

We must also demand the end of all lockdowns, restrictions, and mask mandates issued by any government, institution, or authority in the United States. The American people can cooperate voluntarily with measures intended for our own safety, each according to his or her own choice and preference. The Governors responsible for the most egregious violations of constitutional rights and/or who violated legal injunctions of the courts restraining their authority must be removed from office. Many will be on the ballot in 2022, let’s be rid of them. Laws also must be passed to ensure that these unconstitutional restrictions are never implemented again.

In the meantime, the Biden Administration wants to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. This will allow them to jump ahead in line of so many who have applied for legal immigration. It will also provide millions more Democrat voters for future elections. Having rigged the 2020 election, the Democrats want to rig every election thereafter. This we must resist passionately with strikes, demonstrations, and disruption. A transportation strike, for example, will leave grocery store shelves empty and force dependent urbanites to acknowledge that they cannot stomp on rural Americans.

Supporters listen as President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020, in Toledo, Ohio. (AP Photo/ Jacquelyn Martin)

Patriots Standing Firm

By demonstrating and disrupting the left’s attempt to consolidate tyrannical power, American patriots can defeat the extreme left, stifle this illegitimate coup government, and maintain the rule of law while we slowly rebuild our country. They have stolen our rights, destroyed our prosperity, locked us in our homes, denied us our rights to speech, press, religion, and association and threaten our right to be armed, and they have taken our right to vote. Donald Trump has shown us that we do not have to send our sons and daughters to fight in unending and unnecessary wars for the enrichment of corrupt politicians. We no longer have to tolerate a government that treats the American people like an we are a threat and refuse to seek our interests. We have lost a battle, to be sure, but we will win the war.

“…This nation, under G-d, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this Earth.”

President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 1863

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