Magic Johnson’s Hypocrisy

by kenneth White

Now I must cry BS! This vaccine crap is out of hand! This is the push back for people using this man as an example of why people shouldn’t have to be vaccinated?! It is understood that HIV doesn’t transmit the same as Covid19. But the sweat, the abrasions make for a point at least, so in using this Jabroni captain transmitter himself.

Now, yet another member of the Negro Basketball Association, is a propagandist whose statement means that he cares more about his teammates than he does or did his wife or he’s just a lying hypocrite; given his reckless promiscuity and the untold health risk he visited upon his own wife and family as a result. Cookie didn’t leave him over the AIDS exposure, but this! This would be a good reason to leave him now what a slap in her face!!!

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