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Magnet Policies: Driver’s License For Those Here Illegally

California’s policies invite people to come here illegally.  Those policies come at a price.

Today, Investors Business Daily makes the case that the over 1 million driver’s licenses handed out to those here illegally come at a high taxpayer cost.

By Handing Out Driver’s Licenses, Far-Left California Invites Illegals To Stay — And Taxpayers To Pay

For more on the cost of CA’s policies, please share my recent article in Forbes:

CA Is Heading Due Left and You Are Paying For It.

Tom Del Beccaro

Author of The Divided Era



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  1. Immigrants obey the law. They apply for citizenship and follow the path to naturalization. They learn English, assimilate into American society and adopt our culture. People who illegally cross our boarders or are residing in our country illegally are not immigrants. They are invaders, some may be subversives, some may be potential terrorists, some are violent criminals, some may just want to sponge off of us. But what ever they are; they are not certified immigrants! The forth Article of the Constitution requires the federal government to protect the several States against invasion.

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