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My Sunday political comments . . . By Thomas Del Beccaro

My Sunday political comments . . .

  1. Tax reform
  • I remain optimistic that some level of tax reform will take place by the end of the year and that it will be retroactive, i.e. apply to all of 2017.
  • Corporate tax reform in the form of ending our antiquated worldwide tax system in favor of a territorial tax system, accompanied by a 12% interim rate for bring home corporate profits will create an economic boom compared to the last 8 years.
  • Oh, and keep in mind, that political division is fed by a stagnant economy and eased by economic growth. #TaxReformNow.
  • It is laughable to hear the Democrats in Washington concerned about whether the tax package will increase the deficit. When Obama doubled the national debt, I don’t remember them expressing such concern.
  • Bank on tax revenues out pacing any government related estimates as a result of an expanding economy and a second round of tax reform if the corporate reform above goes through.
  1. The Senator Menendez Trial
  • Did you hear much about it? Probably not – he is a Democrat after all.
  • The allegations of corruption are real and any republican would have been run out of Washington by now.
  • On CNN, despite knowing the truth, Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin said he he looks forward to the day when Menendez returns to the Senate.
  • Interestingly, the Republicans don’t seem to pushing the story either.
  1. Trump Abroad
  • It has been more a goodwill tour than a trip to sign accords.
  • Few headlines have come out of the trip – in other words, it has gone well and the press has not had any serious angle to attack the President.

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