Politics in Perspective™ – The Meaningless National Polls, When Biden Drops Out and the Impeachment Effect.

by Tom Del Beccaro

1.  The 2020 Election is one year away and, more importantly, the Iowa Caucus is just 92 days away.

2.  Nat’l polls favoring Biden are meaningless.  They would have meaning if they gave him a fundraising advantage. They have not – he is struggling in fundraising.  He is trailing badly in Iowa and New Hampshire.  If he finished a distant 3rd or worse in those states, he will be on political life-support.  Given who he is, he is not a comeback kid type.  On April 1, I wasn’t joking when I wrote: Joe Biden’s 2020 run is over before it started – here’s why. Look for him to drop out before the end of February, 2020.

3.  Liz Warren.  She is the clear leader. A year ago January she wasn’t taken seriously.  Quite the comeback.  While she may be taken seriously, her plans are not.  Her budget doubling Medicare for All plan was lambasted on Saturday Night Live last night.  The problem for Democrats is that they may not have a candidate to beat her and many on the Left say they can’t support her.

4.  Impeachment.  One of THE biggest effects of the impeachment process will be to knock the Democrat candidates off the front pages. With the breathless reporting of the Left-leaning media of every word, it will be hard for the Democrat candidates to get air time.

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**My Fox pieces last week

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