CA Senate Referendum Update - News Gets Better

By Tom Del Beccaro, on Jan 7, 2012

The counting continues and the news gets better every day. Currently, we are at 506,640, just about 2,0000 above the 100% mark.   There are still 9,529  signatures uncounted.  At the 72.19%  current validity rate, that would yield another 6879 signatures for a total random sample of 513,519.  That would be 101.7% of total required. 

That means we are more than likely to qualify and the Supreme Court should start drawing fair lines for the 2012 Senate seats.

Thank you to all to helped - It's time for all Republicans to support this effort.

What a hypocrite you are!!  Fortunately, the court went with the commission and you can't gerrymander anymore.   You partisan tools (from both parties) are ruining this country.

In regards to this issue, one has to ascertain the REAL intent of the Administration.  If Obama's intent is to truly "to fundamentally change" America, then he has tred on one of the mainstay's of American freedom.  The first step toward his vision may be to eliminate the role of religious freedom. If religion is out-of-the-picture, then forces that propel Marxist, Communist and Socialist tenents are freed of these restraints. This is a direct attack on the foundation of our nation and the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Though, Obama may have seemed to back-off, we must keep in the forefront his real intent and purpose.

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That seems quite interesting. When the election days comes everybody gets very much involved in to it and the election fever goes to everyone in the country. Even the persons who are not interested in politics will also wait for the news to know election info.

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Eva Longoria spoke about taxes at the DNC more forcefully than Republican did at the RNC.

While Obama tours the country promoting his personal donation plan, the Republican Presidential hopefuls are in a pitched battle.

Andrew Cuomo, and offer real reductions in the state's bureaucracy and pension caps.

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Election cycles come and go. In recent years, control of the House of Representatives has been changing rather faster than ever before.

While that may be colorful, for the many Californians out of work, it is hardly amusing.

Taxes, including income taxes, is a cost of earning income.

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