The Fallacy of the Untaxed Pot of Gold

By Tom Del Beccaro, on Nov 21, 2011

Recently, a group called Think Long let it be known they would be proposing a new tax . . . Here is my reponse to their terrible new idea:

Del Beccaro: The Fallacy of the Untaxed Pot of Gold

I remember the first event he did for me and the numerous events he did for the CA Republican Party.

Dems are so fiscally irresponsible that even a motion for a balanced budget is too much for them.

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The higher the cost to hire, i.e. excessive workers comp costs.


Now that our government is very much less tethered, the stakes of our elections are growing.

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One third of all public high school students are dropping out. Even of those who go onto college, nearly two-thirds fail to graduate within six years. There is a growing education crisis, but even if reform amends things in the future it's not enough.

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It addresses the growing partisanship in America and provides a framework for why and how we got here.

Gulp, I'm going to depart from my usual safe territory of writing nice how to articles and write something a bit more controversial. It's a big move for me, and I am hoping that I will survive to tell the tale, and not look very stupid in the process.

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Underemployment is over 26%.



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CA voters are turning on big spending Sacramento projects such as the water bond and high speed rail.

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As much as the left decries tax breaks for oil companies, the American right should push for an end to outright subsidies of private business ventures.

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Recently, translate english to italian translatelier a group called Think Long let it be known they would be proposing a new tax translate english to french translatelier Here is my reponse to their terrible new idea translate  german to english  translatelier

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