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It’s The Spending – Politicians and Deficits

What causes deficits? Well, the answer, of course, is not what, but who.  They are caused by those that spend. In your own life, if you have debt, it is likely because you spent beyond your means.  When it comes to governments, spending beyond their means is the historical norm. … 1 813

Without Question: Trump’s Court Picks A Total Different Direction Than Obama and What Hillary Would Have Done

Presidents have enormous power.  Perhaps greatest among them is their ability to shape the Courts. President Donal Trump is using his to appoint conservative judges. Many doubted Donald Trump the candidate when he suggested he would pick conservative judges.  They did so because Trump had an uneven adherence to conservatism. … 0 783

A Palace Coup

Did you notice that the Mueller investigation’s only indictments, despite months of work and millions of dollars spent,  did not mention the word “campaign” ? Did you notice that Mueller investigation is now seeking documents related to the firing of James Comey? Did you notice that, according to Byron York: … 1 940

The Trump Effect – Releasing Pent Up Growth

For over a decade, U.S. economic growth has averaged 1.8%. President Trump said his policies would result in growth above 3%.  Many on the Left think the U.S. economy can no longer grow at that rate – citing the claim that our”mature” economy cannot reach such growth rates in addition … 0 835

Cleaning up the EPA – How the EPA’s Pruitt is Fighting Corruption

In the real world, a member of a Board of Directors or Advisory Committees would face laws that restrict activities that represent conflicts of interests.  For instance, a Board Member or an Advisory Committee would face a hurdle to having his or her corporation do business with the company for … 0 950

The DC Democrats Are Against Tax Reform – Period

The DC Democrats Are Against Tax Reform – Period Tax reform is a terribly difficult process.  The tax code represents power for those in Congress – pure and simple. Asking Washington to reduce its power rarely works. The problem for Democrats is that refusing to approve of tax reform puts … 0 734

We should not have needed a Second Special Counsel: “Sessions weighs second special counsel to probe Clinton-related matters”

The headline form The Hill Newspaper reads: Sessions weighs second special counsel to probe Clinton-related matters Within the story, we read: Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote “that Sessions had ‘directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues’  . . . [and]  that they will ‘report directly to the Attorney General … 0 592

President Trump Is (Still) Outpolling House Republicans

David Tyler of the Weekly Standard asks these questions . . . “Are Republicans going to lose the House in 2018? And if they do, will it be President Trump’s fault?” As he points out, there is a long way to go before the Midterms. The problem for Republicans is … 0 639

My Sunday political comments . . . By Thomas Del Beccaro

My Sunday political comments . . . Tax reform I remain optimistic that some level of tax reform will take place by the end of the year and that it will be retroactive, i.e. apply to all of 2017. Corporate tax reform in the form of ending our antiquated worldwide … 0 763

The Tax Bill From The Senate Republicans Is Bad Economics & A Broken Promise

Ask yourself a simple question.  If you wanted to buy a suit at Macy’s but knew the suit would not go on sale for two days, would you buy the suit now or wait two days? Of course, the vast majority of people would delay their economic activity, i.e. the … 1 1679

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