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The DC Democrats Are Against Tax Reform – Period

The DC Democrats Are Against Tax Reform – Period Tax reform is a terribly difficult process.  The tax code represents power for those in Congress – pure and simple. Asking Washington to reduce its power rarely works. The problem for Democrats is that refusing to approve of tax reform puts … 0 0

We should not have needed a Second Special Counsel: “Sessions weighs second special counsel to probe Clinton-related matters”

The headline form The Hill Newspaper reads: Sessions weighs second special counsel to probe Clinton-related matters Within the story, we read: Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote “that Sessions had ‘directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues’  . . . [and]  that they will ‘report directly to the Attorney General … 0 0

President Trump Is (Still) Outpolling House Republicans

David Tyler of the Weekly Standard asks these questions . . . “Are Republicans going to lose the House in 2018? And if they do, will it be President Trump’s fault?” As he points out, there is a long way to go before the Midterms. The problem for Republicans is … 0 0

My Sunday political comments . . . By Thomas Del Beccaro

My Sunday political comments . . . Tax reform I remain optimistic that some level of tax reform will take place by the end of the year and that it will be retroactive, i.e. apply to all of 2017. Corporate tax reform in the form of ending our antiquated worldwide … 0 0

The Tax Bill From The Senate Republicans Is Bad Economics & A Broken Promise

Ask yourself a simple question.  If you wanted to buy a suit at Macy’s but knew the suit would not go on sale for two days, would you buy the suit now or wait two days? Of course, the vast majority of people would delay their economic activity, i.e. the … 0 0

Three Reasons Voter Impatience Continues as “Dems win from coast to coast”

What happened on Election Day 2016? Democrats and some in the Media want you to believe that Democrats won seats “cost to coast” in a repudiation of President Trump. While Trump may well have not have increased his coalition in the past year and motivated opposition voters, there is a more … 0 0

New Poll Confirms: We Are Divided About The Media As Well

We live in The Divided Era.  One aspect of that is our division over the Media. As I wrote in the Washington Times, in the run up to the presidential election a year ago, “Media bias has actually been the norm in America history.” Indeed, in my book The Divided … 0 0

ICYMI: Democrat Civil War Now In The Open: “Brazile’s revelations stir confusion, anger among Democrats”

The headline from The Hill does not tell the whole story. Brazile’s revelations stir confusion, anger among Democrats Inside the story, this line told much more: “Some Democrats are calling for party reform, while others are downplaying Brazile’s account.” The plain truth is that the Democrat Party is in the … 0 0

Can’t Be A Witness, Participant & Fact Finder All At Once: GOP lawmaker calls for Mueller recusal over uranium deal

Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel.  Here is why: 1. He cannot be participant and fact finder/prosecutor. Whatever the Russia investigation entails (and apparently it was not limited by the Justice Department), it involves the actions of the FBI. There is no question that Russia was attempting to influence … 0 0

A Teaching Moment: California’s High Pot Taxes

Do higher tax rates affect human behavior? As the nation considers tax reform, according to a report, taxes on pot in California could reach as high as 45% for the consumer. Combined with the slew of regulations on the way, suddenly the libertarian fervor of buying and selling pot doesn’t … 0 0

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