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2018 A Year of Reckoning: Health insurers in Florida request premium hikes as high as 71%

The laws of economics always indicated that the political law of Obamacare was never going to work. As the Chicago Tribune wrote in 2016, Obamacare failed because it flunked Economics 101 and Human Nature 101. So what does failure look like? Insurance companies leaving the market place and skyrocketing premiums. Today’s … 0 680

This Fact: 45% of American households pay no federal income tax

Tax reform is on the agenda and, of course, there are those who would use the issue to promote their political class-warfare agenda. One of the chief political attacks is that tax cuts are for the rich.  Indeed, that refrain has been used ever since the first tax reforms of … 0 829

Has The Media Been Ignoring This Story: ISIS full scale surrender?

Media Bias. As we know, the Major Media stories about the Trump Administration have been almost uniformly negative. As a result, many stories like the improving economy are ignored by the Media.  That uniform negativity affects the President’s approval rating. One other major story being ignored is the success of … 1 840

The Second Ballot: “Angry GOP donors close their wallets”

Democracies and Republics rely on the ballot box to choose their representatives. Before and after those choices, however, there is what might be called a Second Ballot.  That Second Ballot is cast by donors.  Those donors either like to influence public policy or help choose who makes that policy. The … 0 688

It’s Common Sense – Tax Relief Will Expand The Economy, Create Jobs – Even Increase Tax Revenue

Tax Relief – it’s the single most important policy issue of the day.  If Congress and the President get it right, it will improve the lives of everyone and even make it easier to fix healthcare. Yet, there are many in Washington who still don’t understand why tax relief works. … 1 814

The Hill: “Mass shooting rekindles gun debate” & The Changing Tactics of The Anti-Second Amendment Crowd

The headline from the The Hill newspaper/website may well be the understatement of the year “Mass Shootings Rekindles Gun Debate.”  It is also a headline that has been oft repeated with each such tragedy – and there has been more than one such tragedy. As the debate ignited, two questions … 0 762

State/Federal Divide – Media Missed Republican Takeover of New England – What It means for the future of politics.

One of the dynamics of the television/Internet age, is that the world is a much smaller place.  Whatever happens in one place is easily known thousands of miles away. In politics, that has tended to make all things national. A Presidential candidate does not have to campaign in one state … 1 734

Update: Librarian Exposed as a Massive Phony After “Melania Trump fires back at librarian who rejected gift of Dr. Seuss books as ‘racist’”

As the start of the day, I wrote this An endless number of people on the Left complain about what America isn’t and then tell us what America should be.  They seek to tear down statues, cities and institutions – because they don’t live up their contemporary views. Some have … 0 858

A Pathetic LA Times Article on Proposed Tax Reform & Feinstein Makes No Sense – “Trump, Republican tax plan could be a big hit to many Californians”

So, the Republicans unveiled their Tax Reform Plan.  There are many legitimate questions about a “plan” that has yet to be written in detail. With taxes, AS A LEGAL MATTER, every single word counts.  Nothing is final and this will be a difficult process. What jumps out at many is … 1 832

Next Stop: A Republican ObamaCare Bailout if This Repeal Fails?

The deadline is fast approaching.  Republicans have until September 30th to repeal and replace Obamacare. Will they be able to do it? My latest in Forbes: Next Stop: A Republican ObamaCare Bailout if This Repeal Fails? 5923total visits,1visits today3 823

5923total visits,1visits today

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