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“Trump Ends DACA – Gives Congress Window To Save It” – Why It Is Savvy For Now

The CNN headline says it all: “Trump Ends DACA But Gives Congress Window To Save It.”  FOR NOW, it is a pretty savvy move by Trump.  First, he can say he kept a campaign promise to end the program.  Second, he can definitely say he is standing for the Constitutional … 0 0

The Tax Cut America Can’t Do Without – and neither can the Republicans in Congress

The economist Richard Rahn makes the argument well that corporate tax reform is needed.  Where once we led the world in tax reform, we are now lagging. We will not be able to have sustained economic growth above 3% without tax reform.  With tax reform, combined with the deregulation underway … 0 0

A 2020 Democratic agenda is emerging – and Single Payer Health-Care Is The Center Piece

The Washington Post tells us that the future leadership of the Democrats wants to replace Obamacare with a single-payer (read taxpayer) health-care system.  That will amount to a significant movement to the Left for the Democrat Party if their Congressional candidates fall in line with that prescription.  Presumably, the Democrats … 0 0

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