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Suzanne Sharer is a powerful conservative voice coming out of the American Southwest. Born & raised in Phoenix, this Arizona native has worked through the ranks of the Republican Party locally on district boards and as part of the United Federation of Republican Women, giving Sharer an authoritative voice as a blogger and guest on local and national talk radio and on influential websites, such as Politichicks.

Suzanne lives in Phoenix with her 3 kids, where she continues to use her voice to fight for the good and the future of conservatives everywhere.

Suzanne Sharer's Full Columns

The Rebirth of Freedom – by by Suzanne Sharer and Steve Tarani

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 we, as a nation, will engage the most critical election in American history. The results of our votes will determine the rebirth of freedom or the death of it. Given the current Covid-19 climate, we move headlong into this election bombarded by mixed messages, vacillating … 0 568

Red Flag Laws Serve as a Red Flag

When Americans turn on the news one of our worst nightmares is to hear of another mass shooting. Our hearts are broken by the needless loss of life and everybody wants so desperately to do something, anything, to stop this from ever happening to another innocent soul again, myself included. … 0 1125

Trump’s Agenda Is Taking Out One Flake at a Time – by Suzanne Sharer

Arizonans are proud of the many things for which our great state is known – from five Star Resorts, award winning golf courses, an abundance of trendy restaurants to an array of natural wonders that leave you in awe. Throw in some of the most beautiful weather on the planet … 4 1232

The Meaning of Trump’s War with The Media

When history looks back on the Trump Presidency, I hope it will be through the eyes of a newly energized and strengthened America.  I want to live in a more grateful and enlightened nation.  A country who recognized that Donald Trump, and his plan to Make America Great Again, was … 9 1619

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