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The State Of America: Poll: Nearly 4 In 10 Americans Can’t Name Any First Amendment Rights

What if you grew up in a Country and you weren’t aware of your rights?

Well, that seems to increasingly be the case as a recent poll disclosed that  Nearly 4 In 10 Americans Can’t Name Any First Amendment Rights

The answer to the basic question, of course, is that you generally don’t retain what you do not value. That is one explanation of the shouting down of free speech by the Left and the failure of the Media (which relies on free speech) to stand for free speech.

In the end, without unfettered free speech their can be no viable form of free elections.  At Politicalvanguard.com, we are guessing that more than 4 in 10 don’t know that.

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  1. But we spend about $11,000 per student in public schools, so why do our children know little or nothing about USA history, government or their own rights?
    Time to look at the curriculum in your child’s school.

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