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The Targeting of General Flynn ~ by Thomas Del Beccaro

The FBI targeted General Flynn.  They knew what Flynn said at the time he said it and, as James Comey has freely admitted, they broke the rules to question him about a non-offense. Step by step, here is why you should care about what happened to General Flynn.

  1. In 2016, before the November election, the Obama’s Administration was spying on American officials and unmasked several of them.
  2. One of those people was General Flynn.
  3. General Flynn, after the election, spoke to Russian officials to develop relationships for the incoming administration – and asked them to defer action pending the new Administration was in place. Countless officials did that for prior incoming administrations.
  4. Unlike some of those countless others – Flynn’s comments were surveilled by our government. It is critical to understand that the federal government knew exactly what Flynn said at the time he said it.
  5. Importantly, Flynn broke no law by undertaking those meetings or in anything he said at those meetings. How do I know? Because he has never even been charged with a crime for that, much less pled guilty to it let alone convicted of such a crime. Federal prosecutors all but admitted to that reality at General Flynn’s sentencing hearing in December.
  6. The lack of wrongdoing did not stop the FBI from targeting Flynn.
  7. Instead, former FBI Director Comey freely admitted that he took advantage of first days of the incoming trump Administration, broke protocol, and interviewed General Flynn.
  8. So why was Flynn investigated and then so broken so as to capitulate to the Special Counsel? Because someone had to pay for Hillary losing. They also were committed to undermining the incoming President like no other time since Lincoln’s election.
  9. After the Hillary’s loss, the Left began the narrative of a Russian conspiracy. Although George Papadopoulos and Carter Page were already targeted in order to start an illegal surveillance of American citizens, General Flynn was headed to the Administration while Papadopoulos and Page clearly were not. Flynn became their target.
  10. Therefore, from Comey, to McCabe, to Strzok to Mueller, the full weight of the federal government came down on Flynn looking for a scalp. For what crime? According to law professor Jonathan Turley, it was for “anemic crimes that border on the pathetic.”  Incredibly, despite initial beliefs that Flynn did not lie – the corrupt Mueller kept going until he broke Flynn financially and mentally.
  11. Flynn finally gave in to preserve what little he had left. He pled to a process crime in hopes of staying out of jail. A process crime is a crime created by the process of an investigation – not an underlying crime.
  12. Really what happened is that your federal government avenged a citizen because the wrong person in their view won an election. Flynn was guilty of standing with Trump.
  13. America is now the land of criminalizing politics.
  14. Flynn matters because our government now acts like Russia does. That is the real Russian scandal.

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