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Like Reagan, Trump and the Economy Are Winning Over Millennials – by Thomas Del Beccaro

The latest Zogby poll shows a majority of millennials now approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance. That…05/22/20190

2020 Democratic hopefuls would bring socialism into view – by Thomas Del Beccaro for

The United States is not a socialist country today. That is so because of our vibrant private sector. If some…05/14/20190

Tom Del Beccaro’s 2020 Election Series

The Democrats are off and running for President and Vice President and the House could well…05/09/20190

If Mueller wants to judge Trump’s ‘intent,’ Americans should take a moment to judge Mueller – by Thomas G. Del Beccaro

If you read Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, you know that Mueller and his crew judged President Trump’s…05/01/20190

Who is going to the Democrats s Vice Presidential nominee? The winner is . . . by Thomas Del Beccaro

Now that Joe Biden has officially announced his candidacy, it is time to point out the obvious. There…04/25/20190

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