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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

2020 Democratic hopefuls would bring socialism into view – by Thomas Del Beccaro for FoxBusiness.com

The United States is not a socialist country today. That is so because of our vibrant private sector. If some of the Democratic presidential hopefuls truly had their way, however, they would bring socialism into clear view. Read more at FoxBusiness.com by clicking here. 1961total visits,5visits today0 49

Tom Del Beccaro’s 2020 Election Series

The Democrats are off and running for President and Vice President and the House could well flip back to the Republicans. Below is the latest commentary and articles from Publisher Tom Del Beccaro on the 2020 Election. Epoch Times: The Top 7 Things That Will Decide the 2020 Election FoxNews: The Democratic … 0 98

If Mueller wants to judge Trump’s ‘intent,’ Americans should take a moment to judge Mueller – by Thomas G. Del Beccaro

If you read Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, you know that Mueller and his crew judged President Trump’s intent based on his actions. As we wait for Mueller’s date with Congress, it’s a good time to consider Mueller’s own intent. Based on his actions, the report card is not good. Read more at FoxNews.com by clicking … 0 78

Who is going to the Democrats s Vice Presidential nominee? The winner is . . . by Thomas Del Beccaro

Now that Joe Biden has officially announced his candidacy, it is time to point out the obvious. There are twenty or so announced Democrat candidates running for president — except they are not. Some know they can’t win and, among them, they have ulterior motives. Running for vice president is first among them. Read more of … 0 82

Tom Del Beccaro: Mueller took many improper actions investigating Trump – Here are a few

The release Thursday of the redacted report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential election should mark the end of a long, expensive and pointless investigation. It was an investigation that damaged the American legal system in ways that should not be forgotten. Read More … 0 104

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