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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

California: Can’t Keep the Lights On, Can’t Deliver Water, and Now, Can’t Open – by Tom Del Beccaro

California is a heck of a place. At least it is if you’re trying to do business. It’s careening from crisis to crisis, and its leadership is determined to keep it shut down. It’s so bad, you could say that crises are California’s new normal. As we consider its travails, keep … 0 62

Del Beccaro: The real reason Biden wants his papers kept under wraps in Delaware

Joe Biden has never been a good presidential candidate. With his personal problems mounting, the plain truth remains that Joe Biden is not able to unify the Democrat Party. The disclosure of his Senate papers housed at the University of Delaware could well be the final straw in breaking his candidacy and Biden … 0 57

Gavin Newsom’s CA Shutdown Orders Go Too Far and Violate Constitutional Rights – by Thomas Del Beccaro

The response to the Covid virus around the country and around the world has been to shutdown most of the worldwide economy – near and far. There is great question as to whether that is the best way to handle the medical aspect of pandemic. There is little question, however, … 0 248

Del Beccaro: Coronavirus in California – shutdown worsens revenue woes, so guess what’s coming?

California is making plans to reopen its economy even though many assumed liberal California would be closed longer than most. So why is it planning on opening? Perhaps the reality of its fiscal crisis is too stark for even Gov.Gavin Newsom to ignore. Read more by clicking here 5617total visits,6visits today0 113

Del Beccaro – The Pandemic Expansion: The Greatest Media Bias of All Is Pushing Ever Larger Government (Part I)

Has the media coverage of the coronavirus led you to demand government action? Before that, were you moved by the pictures of children in caravans at our southern border or by those devastated by hurricanes? If so, then you are witness to the greatest media bias of all—and you may … 0 109

5617total visits,6visits today

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