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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

Biden’s Outright Covid Lies Are Far Worse Than Trump’s Downplaying – Thomas Del Beccaro

As the Election approaches, Joe Biden and the Democrats are seizing on President Trump’s admitted public downplaying of the Covid Crisis.  Trump says he wanted to limit panic.  Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been wantonly lying about Trump’s Covid response from the beginning in an effort to cause panic.  Joe … 0 190

The Middle East Is Voting for Peace and Trump – Thomas Del Beccaro

Middle East peace deals are rare. So too are peace deals right before an American Presidential Election. The fact that multiple peace deals are happening before this election is a clear indication that many Arab countries prefer Donald Trump over Joe Biden. It is one of the tenets of faith … 0 186

Del Beccaro: Democrats panicking about Biden again – here’s why

With just over two months to go, the presidential election is in full swing. For months, some have claimed Joe Biden will be the winner, just as they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016. With the close of their convention, however, panic among Democrats is spilling out into the open. Read more … 0 202

Del Beccaro: Democratic unity is a myth — don’t believe it

The only thing that unifies Democrats is their determination to defeat President Trump The Democratic National Convention was supposed to showcase the Democrats’ unity heading into the November election. The plain truth, however, is that the Democratic Party remains seriously divided — and divided political parties generally don’t win national elections. Read … 0 187

Del Beccaro: Trump, Biden and the Middle East – Why 2020 election matters more than ever

One of the most important stories of 2020 is the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace dealthat was brokered by President Trump last week. The timing of the deal indicates that the UAE and Israel want the reelection of Donald Trump. That’s because Trump’s Middle East policies have made them safer by weakening Iran — … 0 185

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