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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

Del Beccaro: States and localities hit by coronavirus shouldn’t get more federal aid to balance budgets

Costs associated with the coronavirus pandemic are mounting. What could be the focus of the next federal bailout? States with deficits that are growing as a result of lost tax revenue and higher unemployment, education and health costs. The states facing the largest deficits will be blue states, including California and New York. Read more by clicking here 5618total … 0 115

Del Beccaro: The Coronavirus Should End the Smart Growth Urbanization of America

To no surprise, the coronavirus is hitting our large urban centers the hardest. Indeed, throughout all of history, cities have been places where diseases have proliferated the most. Recognizing that, and also the frequency with which pandemics are accelerating, it is now time we dropped the Smart Growth urbanization policies … 0 94

Del Beccaro: Coronavirus is proof that US not ready for a serious disaster

How long will the coronavirus crisis continue? No one can say for sure, but the experience indicates one thing is for certain: America is not ready for a major national crisis, such as the failure of an electrical grid a bioterroristcrisis or worse.  The silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic loss it involves, … 0 118

Del Beccaro: Biden’s Super Tuesday wins have Democrats infatuated, again, but don’t forget these 4 points

Democrats have found their Joe Biden groove once again – or have they? While it’s still too early to tell whether there will be a brokered convention, former Vice President Joe Biden certainly has momentum coming out of Super Tuesday.  Before Democrats fall too far in love with him (again), they would be … 0 144

Del Beccaro: Sanders ready on Super Tuesday to raid California delegate gold mine

The Super Tuesday primaries matter this year more than ever. That’s because delegate-rich California has moved up its primary in 2020 and joins Texas, another newcomer, in the Super Tuesday sweepstakes. Fourteen states in all, representing approximately 40 percent of the nation’s population, will hold primaries this Tuesday. This has been described as a … 0 124

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