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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

Why Iran’s Dictators Need the United States as an Enemy – Del Beccaro

The recent news out of Iran is stark. In the wake of the shooting down of a plane of innocents by Iran’s dictators, renewed protests have sprung up in Iran. Protests by those seeking freedom in Iran, of course, are met by vicious crackdowns on those Iranians that participate. Prior to that, Iran … 0 71

Del Beccaro: On Iran, understanding these 9 things is crucial

President Trump took the extraordinary step of killing an Iranian general. The deadly missile strike followed escalating Iranian provocations. Predictably, the American left says Trump did the wrong thing. However, on this serious matter, these nine points should never be forgotten. Read more by clicking here 4612total visits,4visits today0 119

The USMCA: A Gold Rush in the Waiting for California’s Workers and Economy – by Tom Del Beccaro

Californians are a resilient bunch.  They have weathered power outages, fires and droughts—not to mention government edicts and costs. Despite it all, hardworking employees and fearless entrepreneurs continue to not only sustain the economy, but to lift it to new and innovative heights. Before the year is out, it’s time for Washington … 0 129

Del Beccaro: Top 5 impeachment hearing takeaways from Day One

The American political world came to a halt Wednesday with the debut of a new TV production: Democrats vs. Trump: Impeachment Inquiry 2019. With so many questions unanswered, one above all will matter: Will Democrats be able to convince a divided country that President Trump is unworthy of his office and must be impeached? … 0 214

Del Beccaro: Impeachment inquiry – What to expect from Democrats’ pre-trial show (and how Republicans win)

The D.C. Democrats’ public impeachment “inquiry” hearings are set to begin. No one can seriously say that the lopsided procedure they have decreed is remotely fair, let alone a model of due process.  As it unfolds, the Republicans need to be ready to counterattack. Read more at Foxnews.com by clicking here 4612total visits,4visits today0 214

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