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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

Del Beccaro: Why Trump vs. Biden election will be closer than experts predict

It should be no surprise that we have such diverse predictions in what I call this moment in time: The Divided Era. The 2020 presidential election candidates are set. Some are claiming President Trump will win in a landslide. Some polls, on the other hand, show Joe Biden handily winning. It should be no … 0 251

Biden Wants to Repeat the Worst Depression Mistakes of Herbert Hoover and FDR

The United States economy is on the mend—but we are nowhere near out of the woods. We are at roughly the same point, economically, as when Herbert Hoover intervened after the 1929 stock market crash in an attempt to “save” American jobs. Instead of saving jobs, however, the combined policies … 0 278

It Is Time To Recall Gavin Newsom

California is reeling from crisis to crisis. Water shortages, wildfires, power outages, government shutdowns, homelessness, exploding deficits, and uncontrolled crime/violence. All of these problems seem to be converging at once, and they are leaving Californians angry and distraught. Simply stated, California’s problems are not a failure of ideas, industry or families—they … 0 321

Tom Del Beccaro, Steve Moore: Joe Biden’s policies would push us into a deep depression

Whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins in November will be decided largely on which candidate voters believe will steer us out of the recession caused by the response to the coronavirus. Even with the good May job numbers, the economic recovery lies in the balance and with a historically high number of Americans unemployed, strong pro-growth policies – not the Biden job-killing … 0 274

Looting, violent protests breaking backs of small businesses we need to restart America – by Tom Del Beccaro

In this land of opportunity, American entrepreneurs are our dreamers and their small businesses the lifeblood of the economy. As a business startup attorney for more than three decades, I can tell you that most cobble together their life savings and dream of success – even more than money – … 0 266

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