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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

Del Beccaro: Trump Needs to Fix America’s Dependency on Foreign Uranium

One of the biggest scandals of the Obama administration is seriously endangering U.S. national security. The federal government’s approval of the sale of the Uranium One mining company to the Russian state-owned nuclear company leaves our country vulnerable to the Russians. Only President Donald Trump can restore our national security, and the … 0 210

Tom Del Beccaro: Decoding Democrats’ rush to impeachment

Congressional Democrats are rushing headlong into impeachment proceedings. They are doing so without solid evidence that President Trump engaged in anything remotely close to “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Here’s why they can’t help themselves. Read more by clicking here 4643total visits,13visits today0 269

10 Things you need to know about Impeachment, the Ukraine, Trump and Biden.

Nancy Pelosi says President Trump is not upholding his Constitutional oath. So, all by herself, she has instituted an Impeachment Inquiry. Sounds Constitutional – doesn’t it? So, what did Trump allegedly do? The Democrats have “charged” Trump with soliciting foreign interference in an election for his own benefit. For more, … 0 310

Who Will Be The Next Voted Off the Democrat Nomination Island? – by Thomas Del Beccaro

As the next Democrat debate approaches, in the civil war consuming the Democrat presidential nomination process, the first major take down was of Sen. Kamala Harris.  As the dwindling contenders desperately seek to stay alive, or drop out like Kirsten Gillibrand, in this unprecedentedly large nomination fight, you can bet Harris will not … 0 227

Del Beccaro: On socialism, Democrats’ only debate is how quickly they want to get there

Round two of the debates is the books and Democrats are firmly committed to doubling or tripling the size of government. From health care to education and beyond, Democrats’ plans mean that, for them, socialism is a matter of when, not if. What is the definition of socialism?  Read more at FoxNews.com by clicking here 4643total … 0 279

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