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Trump Plans Aggressive Road Show to Sell Tax Overhaul – Takes a page from the Great Communicator and matches the Left’s constant campaign tactics

Politics today is a constant campaign – but usually only on the Left.  The American Left seeks to shape public opinion every day, on policy, either through the Media, Academia, public employee unions or the Democrat Party.  Republicans, on the other hand, win elections and go to Washington D.C. to argue with the Washington Post or the Democrat Party.  They don’t engage the American public to win campaigns on policy like the Left does. I recently wrote about that dynamic in Forbes:

The Biggest Mistake The DC Republicans Are Making

Today, Bloomberg New reports that:

Trump Plans Aggressive Road Show to Sell Tax Overhaul  Ronald Reagan did much the same when he needed public support.

Given the success rate of major legislation out from Congressional Republicans, it cannot not come a moment to soon for Trump.  Congressional Republicans should so the same.

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