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“Victoria Taft is a radio talk show host, contributor to the One America News” with this pic show “The Daily Ledger,” podcaster and writer for Independent Journal Review.”

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Net Neutrality: Reading a newspaper, in the back of a taxi, on the way to Blockbuster

I’m glad the FCC ditched the Orwellian inspired “net neutrality” regulations last Thursday. Under the government controlled so-called “net neutrality,” the internet would be treated like your utility. Think how much you like your cable company. Beta or VHS? Beta was better. The marketplace selected VHS. If you applied the Net Neutrality … 0 0

It’s Raining Ash in the Pacific Northwest & the Reason Why Is a Heartbreaking ‘Environy’

The Pacific Northwest’s fires don’t interest people much for the same reason that people in New York and D.C. don’t understand why Westerners like pick ups, SUVs and guns. You’ll notice, however,  that those items have been front and center in the national debate for the last two decades, so … 0 0

A Plastic Promise

On Saturday, I was able to spend some quality time with a buddy of mine from Oregon who was in the San Diego area to help paint her daughter’s place. She cut-in while I manned the roller. After awhile, the 106 degree temperatures caught up with us and we took … 0 0

Why Jerry Brown’s Water Plan Isn’t Serious

News of a water-sucking drought in California apparently j-u-u-ust came over the transom to our lawmakers mere seconds ago. In response, our savvy Sacramento swashbuckling legislators have now taken out their mighty divining rods, put their ears to ground, put a wet finger in the air, assessed the political climate … 0 0

Elle Decor: Just say ‘no’ to NAMBLA

Elle Decor features designer who shows off art displays of man-boy “love”. In case you’re unclear: this is wrong.v When the recession hit our house in wave after wave, nearly all resources were diverted to food, housing, tuition and transportation. Hiring people to fix or do things for us went … 0 0

Environmental Hubris and Poor judgment Claims Oregon’s Democrat Governor

Governor John Kitzhaber left office Wednesday. He resigned because he had broken an ethical contract with the people of Oregon and this time the official media actually bothered to report it. Officially, the Oregon Democrat, who won an unprecedented fourth term of office in November, left under a stink of suspicion. Kitzhaber’s under investigation by the … 0 0

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