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2020 Vision: In Biden’s America

A win for the Biden-Harris ticket this year would offer conservatives and the working class a dystopia wherein the far left will seek revenge against those who dared to defy them. The economy will stagnate at best. The foreign policy gains of the last several years will halt. Political corruption will run rampant. Emboldened by their win, the far left will impose their extreme views by any means they please. The Democrats will also seek to pack the Supreme Court and the Senate. No one will be safe, no cow will be sacred, and the left will spare no one who does not immediately bow to their will.

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A Nightmare in 2021

In 2016, the Obama Administration and the FBI used an illegally obtained report, the Steel Dossier, to obtain warrants from the FISA court to wiretap the Trump campaign. After President Trump won the election, the same conspirators entrapped Michael Flynn as they sought to spread a false narrative that President Trump had colluded with the Russians. This lie persisted for two years in the face of a total lack of evidence. The President recently declassified the documents related to this conspiracy. Combined with the impeachment vote held over a phone call in which the President said nothing illegal or unethical, it is clear that, over the last four years, the gloves have come off. The left wants power and they will stop at nothing and destroy anyone to obtain it. Given the lengths to which they are willing to go, what would result if somehow former Vice President Biden won the Presidential Election? Anything goes, or so it would seem.

Over the past several years, but especially since June of this year, the American left has continued to grow ever more violent. This summer rioters terrorized inner cities murdering dozens, injuring hundreds, and causing billions of dollars in economic damage. These riots were conducted in the name of a radical, thinly veiled Marxist agenda to destroy the legitimate institutions of American government. Calls to defund the police have led to higher crime and still more deaths, especially for the very African-American communities the rioters purport to be protecting. What will result if these rioters perceive themselves as having won the presidential election? Emboldened, they will take their violence up a notch. They will openly attack all their perceived enemies. Americans will literally be beaten and killed for their opposition to the extreme left.

Perhaps worse, the rioting terrorists have chanted antisemitic slogans and compared George Floyd to a Palestinian. Commenting on rioters being imprisoned “Charlemagne tha G-d” retorted: “It just proves the Jews are still in charge.” Democrat governors like Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and big city mayors like Bill DeBlasio have been eager to close churches and synagogues during the virus shutdown. DeBlasio’s threat to close synagogues in New York, aside from being wholly immoral, would be a massive abuse of power. Why is this directed against Jews? Many groups oppose and protest the unnecessary and oppressive mask mandates and quarantine rules. It is curious that he would target this particular group of people for defying his “authority.”

The fact that Governor Whitmer did not deign to close a homosexual swingers club in her state during the shutdown process, because that is certainly an essential gathering, while shuttering religious organizations demonstrates the tyrannical intent behind the shutdown. Religious institutions and businesses were targeted while leftwing identity groups were permitted to continue as normal. I guess the virus only spreads in churches and synagogues not in gay clubs. Imagine how they would behave if emboldened by a presidential election win. Religious freedom will go down the drain. For unapologetic and religious Christians and Jews, violence and oppression await under a Democrat elected officials.

In recent years social media companies have been ever more tightly controlling the freedom of expression on their platforms. Any speech that is outside of their accepted “norms” is censored. “Fact checkers” conveniently ignore leftwing lies and misleading statements and “correct” even factual statements made by those on the right. If Joe Biden wins the presidential election, expect more of this. The censorship will go far beyond social media, however. The left has long sought to censor talk radio, to silence thinkers, talkers, and pundits who do not concur with the extreme left. Already in sports and culture it has become impossible to express opposition to the left.

The Economy

The former Vice President promised more than once during the first debate to raise taxes. Raising taxes, especially corporate taxes, will destroy jobs and increase the cost of living (literally the cost of every consumer good). He further promised that no new coal plants would be built and, while he tried to deny support for the radical Green New Deal, Biden said he will support broad and expensive green initiatives. The cost of energy is, thus, about to skyrocket again as it did during the Obama years, raising the cost of everything still higher. The Obama Administration created massive volumes of new regulations and Biden shows little sign he would do differently. This will add billions of dollars in regulatory burden to the economy destroying still more jobs.

Add to this backsliding on the trade deals President Trump has negotiated and the worker’s paradise we all experience prior to the arrival of the Wuhan Virus earlier this year will be utterly destroyed. President Trump has been tough on China’s deliberate effort to steal wealth from the United States through various means, including currency manipulation, intellectual property theft, and taking American manufacturing jobs. President Biden is not likely to require China to abide by the new trade deal President Trump negotiated. The millions of dollars his son, Hunter Biden, has received from the Chinese suggests a president Joe Biden will look the other way as China’s tyrannical government returns to business as usual.

Former Vice President Joe Biden with Chinese President Xi Jinping

All things being equal, these Biden policies would simply slow growth and stagnate the economy, as they did under the Obama Administration. Unfortunately, the current dire state of the economy offers an even dimmer view of the results of a Biden presidency. With 21% of small businesses closed, never to return, and so many Americans out of work, we could very well be facing a serious economic depression. The Democrats have promised government relief to assist those struggling in the crisis. Their solution, rather than attempt to stimulate the economy, is a system of patronage whereby electing Democrats will get you free money. Unfortunately, rampant inflation and low productivity will follow. In time, desperate poverty will result, as it always does with big government and socialist policies.

Foreign Policy

President Trump has reduced America’s involvement in foreign wars and conflicts during his tenure in office. The Obama Administration embroiled the US in conflicts in Libya and Syria, refused to defend Iraq, then sent US forces in too late to do much good. No progress was made in Afghanistan as the conflict raged on all eight years of the Obama presidency. Iran was allowed to grow in every direction and expand its power base. The Obama Administration seized the opportunity to create a regional power that could rival Israel. Obama treated Israel as a pariah and did everything he could to undermine Israel’s democracy to elect leaders more willing to sell out Israel’s security interests. The tax dollars of American citizens were used the undermine democracy in one of our country’s closest allies!

The Iran Deal was negotiated to allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon so long as they were willing to delay ten years. Presumably, those who oppose Iran becoming a nuclear power, including every sane human being on the planet, would lose patience and allow Iran to achieve this goal after the ten years expired. Joe Biden has shown no interest in the advances President Trump has made in foreign policy and seems eager to go back to the Obama days. Expect more unnecessary wars, fewer real peace initiatives, and America’s enemies emboldened from Beijing to Tehran.

Will Elections Ever Matter Again?

For the past five decades the American left has used the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to impose an extreme left social agenda. SCOTUS justices are appointed for life and are thus unaccountable to the voters. No elected official could enact the policies the court pushed for the far left, without being removed from office.  With the recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), President Trump will nominate her successor who is likely to be confirmed to the court by the US Senate prior to the election. Conservatives justices will thus have a 6-3 majority on the nine-member court. In response, the Democrats have begun serious talk of court packing. The Democrats will expand the court to fifteen and add 6 more extremist justices to the court offering them a 9-6 majority. Joe Biden has refused even to take a position on court packing until after the election. If this is not a clear indication of his intentions what would be?

The Democrats are also contemplating admitting the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states to add four more Democrat Senators. Combined with ending the cloture vote rule that allows the Senate minority to block some legislation, this would drive the Senate to the far left as well. With obstacles removed, they will drive an extremist agenda. What will the American voters be able to do about it? The Democrats have already demonstrated that they will not accept defeat. Even if the voters down the road elected a Republican majority to the House of Representatives or a Republican president the Democrats will use the SCOTUS and the packed Senate to stymie any efforts at reform. Combined with widespread voter fraud, this will ensure that elections will no longer matter.

Biden is About Power

The American left has been hysterical the last nearly four years because they have lost power. They are desperate to resume control of the country so they can continue to force their opinions on the majority. They will stop at nothing to achieve their ends and will try to destroy anyone who gets in the way. Joe Biden has demonstrated an inability and an unwillingness to confront the extreme left in favor of any sort of moderation. That assumes that he would be the one to lead his administration in the first place. The former Vice President is barely able to function as it is. Speaker Pelosi this week spoke of using the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump from office. If Joe Biden were not willing to play along with the far left, he could be brushed aside with much greater ease than Trump. There is a great likelihood that he will not be able to serve out his term of office. That would leave the country at the mercy of Kamala Harris who represents the extreme left and once prosecuted investigative journalists for exposing criminal behavior at Planned Parenthood.

Americans who do not want to live in this dystopia need to make themselves heard on November 3rd, in numbers able to overcome the potential for rampant voter fraud.

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