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2020 Vision: The Election in a Nutshell

Many people on the left, in the political class, and among the media elites have personal hatred of Donald Trump. This irrational anger leads them to attack him viciously. This also leads to the pretense that Trump’s opponents must be held to be above reproach so as to defeat his reelection bid. For most Americans, who are more concerned with results and their daily lives than with the President’s personality, this animus is not as significant. Aside from a minority of Americans whose emotions drive them to despise their President and his supporters their countrymen, many Americans are still capable of being respectful and cordial. The recent NBC Town Hall, much decried by the media elites, demonstrates how easily President Trump can connect personally and respectfully with average people, even those who disagree with him.

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Town Hall with Main Street

The NBC Town Hall was blasted from every corner of the media industry. Why would the media personalities respond so hatefully to a town hall with the President in prime time? Viewing the event itself answers all of these questions. Average voters of both parties approached the President with their questions. Each was polite and respectful to the President and the President was respectful with each of them. Each questioner greeted the President, and he returned the greeting. It was obvious just from watching that he was able to form a bond with each of them. Whether one agrees or disagrees with another person about even the most heated issues of politics, they can still respect one another and form a bond. President Trump made it clear he was listening to each questioner and expressed concern with their hardship (NBC had lined up tear jerker questioners in hopes of evoking an emotional response from viewers). President Trump answered their question making it clear that he cared about their concerns and well being and in most cases he had taken some action to try to address their concerns.

President Donald Trump at the NBC Town Hall

Town hall host and “moderator” Savannah Guthrie was a very different story. She attacked the president constantly with a very disrespectful and mean spirited tone. She showed utter contempt for the President and tried, but failed, to portray him as the enemy of each questioner. As Trump explained his position on healthcare, for example, and cited his recent executive order to protect preexisting conditions, Guthrie said he was appointing a nominee to the Supreme Court whom, she implied, would repeal Obamacare including the protections for those with preexisting conditions. As if Obamacare is the only way preexisting conditions can be protected. The President made a commitment to protect those with these health conditions and this is a President who does his utmost to keep his word. President Trump was also respectful to Guthrie despite her invective. In this the President demonstrated what can only be described as divine patience.

Throughout the event, questioners brought their real concerns to the President and time and again he would repeat his cordial conduct and bonding with each. Again and again, Guthrie would assail him. President Trump properly blamed the lack of a new relief package on Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is eager to deny the President any victories or even partial credit prior to the election. Guthrie pointed to a Trump tweet weeks before calling off negotiations. Without missing a beat the President replied that the tweet was a negotiating tactic. Guthrie looked incredibly ignorant and ill prepared. She obviously is not so inept that she does not understand how negotiation positioning and posturing work, but she made herself sound ignorant in order to attack the President. Such is actually an insult to the viewers, whom she expects to be ignorant or hateful enough to be willing to accept her ridiculous interpretation.

Moderator Savannah Guthrie speaks during an NBC News Town Hall with President Donald Trump at Perez Art Museum Miami, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, in Miami. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Utterly Out of Sync

The town hall also exposed how utterly out of sync the media and political elites are with average Americans. Polls from left and right wing sources continue to show that the economy, healthcare (including the virus response), education, and national security are the issues that concern most Americans. Climate change, racial incitement, and conspiracy theories involving the President and Russia or Ukraine are non-starters with most people. Yet, the media and political elites insist on making these the headline issues and pressing the President about them. President Trump has denounced White Supremacists repeatedly throughout his campaign and time in office. It is a ridiculous assertion to claim that the President would not denounce such people. No one in the mainstream of society supports such nutters. Meanwhile, the issue of foreign policy is wholly ignored because President Trump is extremely accomplished in the foreign policy arena and Joe Biden has been wrong on everything.

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Yet, as violent groups terrorize the streets of our inner cities plundering mostly minority owned businesses, attacking law enforcement officers, and murdering dozens of innocent people, there has been not a single call for Joe Biden to denounce Antifa or BLM. When it became clear that the riots were not helping the Democrat cause the Biden campaign issued general blanket statements against violence. Honest journalists should be asking Biden if he supports these rioters and their cause, what he would do to counter them if he were president, and he should be called upon to denounce both the acts of violence and those perpetrating them. Instead, the media simply ignores the violence and pretends it is not happening while attacking the President for causes he would never support.

It is perhaps no surprise, then, that as the smoking gun of the Hunter Biden laptop has surfaced the media has chosen to ignore that as well. Joe Biden has used his son to peddle influence to dangerous and oppressive foreign regimes with horrible human rights records. He and his family have profited from sleazy insider deals from running a failed charter school in Florida to Hunter Biden’s position with Ukrainian energy company Barisma. Joe Biden even used his office and the threat of cutting off US financial aid to Ukraine to have a prosecutor fired, a prosecutor who was investigating Barisma. That kind of quid pro quo is exactly what the Democrats accused President Trump of having done in a phone call with the President of Ukraine for which they impeached the President. The Democrats and the media are literally projecting their own corruption onto President Trump!

A Critical Election

The 2016 election was by far the most critical election in the United States since 1980. It was the final chance to reverse the damage done by the Obama Administration and decades of Democrat policies that undercut the middle class and create greater dependency. The 2020 election is the second most important. We must resist the corrupt media and political elites and continue the progress President Trump is making for the American people. The left is increasingly tyrannical and hostile to the American mainstream. Not some kooky college professor or Bernie Bro from his mother’s basement, but no less a figure than the former Labor Secretary Robert Reich seriously proposed that should Biden take office a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (modeled on South Africa) be formed to investigate how Trump came to office. This so the commission can investigate how Trump won and reverse the “harm” he has done. The leaders of the left are very angry about being driven from power and they plan to pursue and punish everyone who opposes them.

Americans need to go to the polls and vote for the candidate who can relate to average people. A man who is capable of forming a bond with average Americans and who wants to address their real concerns.  President Trump has lost money since coming to office; the Biden’s have enriched themselves at public expense. Joe Biden is the embodiment of the corrupt, out of touch Washington elites who are concerned only for their own interests and are indifferent to the concerns of average people. The choice is clear, distinct and unmistakable: on November 3rd, the American people will either vote for record economic growth and government reform, or for an economic depression and an era of amoral corruption and graft on the part of political elites.

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