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Who is To Blame? Conservatives direct ire at GOP leaders — not Trump

So who is to blame for the Debt Ceiling deal? Congress or the President?

McConnell an Ryan said they were against the plan – so why blame them?  The answer should be pretty clear. Their failure to deliver on legislation in the past has called into question their ability to deliver at all. On the other hand, the President is the President and he is here to stay for awhile.  Conservatives want change and they believe President Trump would vote for conservative legislation if it could just get to his desk.  That means the criticism about Debt Ceiling isn’t so much about the Debt Ceiling as it is about the larger issue of whether Ryan and McConnell can deliver and whether they should keep their positions.

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“Conservatives are blasting the fiscal deal brokered by President Trump and Democratic leaders, but are blaming GOP leaders in Congress more than the White House.”

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