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Who Needs More Economic Prosperity? The Divided Era In Just 3 Headlines – by Thomas Del Beccaro

There was a time when the business of America was business – as president Calvin Coolidge would say. There was a time when Democrat Presidents cared about full employment – like Harry Truman.

Today, however, so much private wealth has been created that millions of American do not have to worry about economic security. Freed of such basic concerns, they ignore economic good news in favor of fighting a president at any cost.

Case in point. Below are three headlines from one day of PoliticalVanguard’s National News Section. The first would have pleased any President and the Nation prior to The Divided Era. Now, however, the Democrats in Washington want power at any cost.

They want to impeach Trump at any cost and without a legal or factual basis. Despite Presidents Clinton and Obama signing bills funding portions of the exiting border wall, they will oppose Trump’s efforts to do the same at any cost.

Stay tuned folks. We are just two days into what promises to be the most divisive two-years in American politics since the 1850s.

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