by Anni Cyrus

Felicia Tweedy’s love of politics and her country began at an early age. Earning a BA in Political Science from USC, her political career began at the age of 19 as an intern and field representative for Democrat CA Attorney General Bill Lockyer. A 9/11Republican, Felicia switched from the Democrat to the Republican Party after graduating college. Felicia worked on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2003 campaign for Governor and after his victory, went on to work on the Governor’s staff in Sacramento. Following her work in Sacramento, Felicia switched gears, working in International Film Distribution for a major entertainment company. Felicia balanced this work while still remaining active in politics. Felicia has served in leadership in various campaigns from Presidential to local races, Republican organizations, the CA Republicans Party and as an elected Central Committee member. Aside from politics, Felicia has also uses her passion and leadership towards other causes, the most important animal rescue and animal activism. Being a conservative woman who has worked in the entertainment industry and having the opportunity to work in both Political Parties has given Felicia a unique perspective. She shares this perspective in her thoughts and writings on a wide range of issues affecting our nation, from political party issues, foreign policy matters, pop culture to domestic matters.

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