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Doug Haaland., is a retired legislative policy consultant having worked in the California State Legislature for nearly 30 years. His fields of expertise include agricultural and water policy, along with analyzing natural resource policy and legislation.

He has been at the center of significant legislative issues involving climate change, expansion of vital state infrastructure, and investigations of governmental excess over the years. In addition to his work with the legislature, Haaland has also provided political analysis and consulting for a large number of local, state, and federal-level campaigns for over 25 years.

Haaland has written numerous articles and papers involving political and policy issues impacting California that have been published in newspapers across the state and in online publications across the nation. His successes in both the political and policy fields have made him a sought-after motivational speaker and writer across California.

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The Death of “See Something, Say Something”

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Congressman Rocky Chavez..?…No Thanks! by Doug Haaland

The California political landscape was rocked recently by the announcement that two long-term Republican Congressmen will not be running for re-election this year. Southern California Congressmen Darrel Issa and Ed Royce will be returning to the private sector and it only took about a hot ‘New York Minute” for pols … 0 1287

Only in California Could They Do This …

California, once known as the Golden State was hailed as an example of “if you build it they will come.” Those days are slipping away as the State’s liberal leaders focus more on enacting feel-good policies than addressing the real and growing needs of California families. One only needs to … 1 1225

A New Direction for the CAGOP… But Which Direction?

As the new year broke over California, an air of anticipation enveloped Republicans as a new chief executive was preparing to take the reins of government and Republicans held their majorities in Congress. Even in a state where Democrats hold every constitutional office and regained super-majority status in both legislative … 0 1176

The Trouble with Elections is… Voters

Candidates seem to forget people attending these meetings aren’t the usual “man on the street” who just happens to wander by for a listen to a politician. The folks taking time to show up are generally well informed and aware of the issues facing their communities. These times are also … 0 1051

From Golden State to Land of Limits

Once upon a time California was known as the “Golden State” and today it struggles to be the “Land of Limits.” Once, California’s leaders dreamed big dreams and saw the future of California as a place of unlimited opportunity for people looking to find the “American Dream.” They believed it … 0 1007

CEQA exemptions for sports arenas, but not water

No one needs to be reminded that California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in decades, if not centuries. Out of this crisis comes Assemblyman James Gallagher, R-Yuba City, with an excellent idea. Mr. Gallagher introduced AB 311, intended to expedite vitally needed water storage projects … 0 1195

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