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Let there be no mistake, Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., is running for president of the United States. Perhaps not for 2024, but certainly for 2028. As he does, the country is increasingly aware of the massive problems facing California. Click here to read more

The indictment of former President Donald Trump marks a new peak in the criminalization of American politics. Elections based on policy differences no longer suffice for the American Left. Today, in coordinated fashion, their donors, elected officials, the Department of

The 2024 election season has already begun. Unfortunately for Republicans, they finished 2022 poorly and their voters are discouraged. If Republicans want to avoid a Democrat sweep of the House, Senate and the White House in 2024, they need to

What issues were the 2022 midterm elections about? Were they about inflation? Crime? Abortion? Climate Change? A referendum on Biden? Trump? The open border? Abortion? Republicans being a threat to democracy? Or, all of the above? The polling throughout the year, and especially

The 2022 midterms are almost in the books. The large red wave did not materialize, although Republicans did pick up some congressional seats and, apparently, the House. There are significant and important reasons why a large red wave didn’t occur and one