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“Victoria Taft is a radio talk show host, contributor to the One America News” with this pic show “The Daily Ledger,” podcaster and writer for Independent Journal Review.”

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Joe Biden Owes An Apology

Joe Biden Stage-Managed the Entire “High-Tech Lynching” of Clarence Thomas; now the Left Wants Him to…04/29/20190

Thoughts on Dr. Ford at the Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary Hearing

She’s a deeply troubled and fragile woman. She was definitely victimized somehow, somewhere at sometime. The…10/01/20180

How Lessons From a Near-Mass Shooting (You’ve Probably Never Heard of) Can Help Stop School Shootings

At President Trump’s ‘listening session’ last week at the White House, parents, students and educators came…02/27/20180

Net Neutrality: Reading a newspaper, in the back of a taxi, on the way to Blockbuster

I’m glad the FCC ditched the Orwellian inspired “net neutrality” regulations last Thursday. Under the government controlled so-called…12/19/20172

It’s Raining Ash in the Pacific Northwest & the Reason Why Is a Heartbreaking ‘Environy’

The Pacific Northwest’s fires don’t interest people much for the same reason that people in New…09/12/20173

A Plastic Promise

On Saturday, I was able to spend some quality time with a buddy of mine from…09/04/20171

Why Jerry Brown’s Water Plan Isn’t Serious

News of a water-sucking drought in California apparently j-u-u-ust came over the transom to our lawmakers…04/11/20150

Elle Decor: Just say ‘no’ to NAMBLA

Elle Decor features designer who shows off art displays of man-boy “love”. In case you’re unclear:…03/06/20150

Environmental Hubris and Poor judgment Claims Oregon’s Democrat Governor

Governor John Kitzhaber left office Wednesday. He resigned because he had broken an ethical contract with…02/23/20150

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