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John Tantillo is a branding and marketing expert.

John Tantillo, Ph.D., is a branding/marketing expert, credited with naming Bill O’Rielly’s show “The Factor,” who has worked on local/national campaigns. His branding/marketing counsel to personalities in the “Go Brand Yourself” process, provide an alternative to the traditional “messaging theory,” whose time have “come and gone.” For Tantillo communication is only one part of understanding the meteoric rise of political brands like Obama, Trump, and Sanders and that marketing is the new normal in politics/life currently. The little-known secret to winning elections today – Marketing which is all about satisfying voter (customer) need; while branding is the personality attributes that get voters to focus on the needs-message.

Dr. Tantillo has written numerous articles which have been published in major US news organizations which include, FoxNews.com, Washington Times, The Daily Caller and Talkers Magazine. His columns have reached millions of readers over the years. He has also appeared on national US and Foreign TV/radio programs and has recently appeared twice On French Television where he explained the “Trump Brand to over four million viewers as well as appearing on the BBC’s popular radio show “Newsday,”.

As author of the popular book, “People buy brands, not companies,” he counsels clients on the value of individual products/services (Brand) rather than on corporate identity (Company). He is currently writing, “Go Brand Yourself: How to Survive in Today’s Changing Competitive Environment,” the logical extension of his first book. Click here to sample his “Go Brand Yourself” philosophy.