Ken White is an emerging voice on the scene of African American Christian Conservatives, bringing with him a unique perspective, being born on the south side of Chicago in a democrat household yet by voting age would become a Republican. Ken WHITE’S family and childhood friends will tell you, “There was always something different about Kenny” in Junior High and High school He was a member of (GCAP) Greater Chicago Area Program for Gifted children, where amid the sound of sirens and gun fire, you would find Ken WHITE at the local library where after school he would spend hours among the things he loved: books, cool air, peace and quiet. After protecting himself from the attack of a Chicago Gang member, he would become the target of Gang Recruitment, where refusing to join he would suffer a life-threatening beating. Due to demonstrating courage during this time, the gangs afforded him his “Walk.” Knowing that even with this newly awarded “Street Cred” it would still be only a matter of time before another brush with death could come, Ken WHITE enlisted in the USAF, where he could escape the violence of Chicago while pursuing Higher education. Starting a family at a young age his higher learning pursuit was no longer the priority, Ken WHITE has always loved learning so to ensure his expansion of knowledge he would become what he calls an Autodidact.

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Ken WHITE left the USAF after serving honorably as a Law Enforcement Specialist and Special Forces Member, (ABGD), went on to become a California Sworn Peace Officer for (2) two agencies after leaving Law Enforcement became a Body Guard to Celebrities, then went on to own and operate his own Security Firm (Sterling Enterprise) in business since 1991.

Ken WHITE is the litmus test for the American Dream he is a living clock for the civil rights act of 1964 as they both came to be on February 17th an hour apart; the law was passed and an hour later Ken WHITE would be born. He lived in the inner city of Chicago with his greatest riches being the love of his mother and his family, the pearls of wisdom passed down to him from his grandfather when he would visit him during school summer breaks. He knew America held more promises and he has always challenged our nation to “Prove It!”

To prove to him that we are the Nation we tell the world we are, he is often heard asking young people, “which would you rather have? Intelligence or an Education”, knowing many inner-city children may not see the halls of a college or university, they too must have something to believe in about themselves add to that his believing strongly that our higher educational systems are no longer educating but indoctrinating, Ken WHITE tries to reach young people and help them understand vocational skills and certifications can offer careers too. As you get to know Ken WHITE you will see, he has his finger on the pulse of the issues affecting our nation. He has a unique life experience to filter with, often referring to himself as a Hybrid “Half Home Boy-Half Nerd.” he is one of the most patriotic people you will ever meet and someone who is worth listening to, so America Meet Ken WHITE, Ken WHITE meet America!