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Mark was born in Upstate New York and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. And in 1996 if you were fortunate enough to be near Silicon Valley during the high tech boom and you possessed a special brand of hutzpah, talent and drive you could lay a claim to success much like the miners during the California gold rush. Business was booming. It was then and there Mark Anthony polished his abilities, braved the commute and built a sterling reputation as a top-level consultant in business strategies and marketing with firms such as Microsoft, HP, Intel, Cisco, EMC and Sybase. Having developed a broad base of executive-level relationships, Mark was able to empower his clients to meet their business objectives.

But all that glitters is not gold and Mark felt a pull towards his first love from the tender age of eight; his love of country and its politics. As a fundraiser, bundler and architect of several political events, he ultimately served as campaign manager for two congressional races and worked for many political movements and organizations. As a man growing in his faith he continued to feel the need to fulfill his purpose and shortly after visiting The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte North Carolina armed with the combination of a strong business background, his 15 year presence in politics and love for the Founding Father’s principles that purpose revealed itself. Mark Anthony created and launched The Patriot and the Preacher a radio broadcast he co-hosts with Ben KInchlow of 700 Club fame. The show’s unique format regularly attracts the nation’s most prominent leaders to discuss issues affecting America and its Conservative Christian base. Expanding from one station to 53 outlets in just 4 years The Patriot and the Preacher has welcomed over 400 guests and proudly includes on that list; President Donald Trump, Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Franklin Graham, Michael Reagan, Dr. Alveda King, Pastor Greg Laurie, Kelly Ann Conway, Senator Mike Lee, Secretary Dr Ben Carson, The Oak Ridge Boys, David Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin Currently Mark Anthony is stretching his skills to include writing for multiple conservative websites and will author a new book “The Audacity of Snowflakes”

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