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6 Reason Chad Mayes in Wrong – A Coalition of Moderates That Lack Solutions

Chad Mayes used to be the Republican Assembly Leader in California.  He was dumped from power for siding with the Democrats on cap and trade.  He delivered 8 Republicans votes for the bill – two of those votes allowed endangered Democrats in Republican leaning seats to vote no on the … 0 27

Trickle Down Economics Does Not Exist — The Benefits of Capitalism Do

You have heard it many times – but it doesn’t exist.  There is no such thing as trickle down economics. It is a pejorative attack on work and savings – indeed on capitalism in general. My latest in Forbes breaks the attack down for what it is worth and why … 0 29


ABSTRACT: In California, decades of progressive policies have created a society in which the well-connected prosper, entrepreneurship is discouraged, and immigrants face government-imposed barriers to achieving the American Dream. Yet Californians—and even more frequently, Hispanic Californians—keep voting for liberal candidates who perpetuate this two-tiered society. Contrary to conventional wisdom, California … 0 95

Imagine: Trump Ties Obama at 46% Approval and 53% Disapproval At Year End

Rasmussen Reports latest Presidential Tracking Poll shows that President’s Trump’s year end approval/disapproval rating is 46% approve and 53% disapprove.  That happens to be the same rating that President Obama received at the same time of his presidency. What is remarkable about that is this headline from Pew Research: Trump … 1 61

By Consensus: California is at the Bottom In Economic Freedom

Is California doing as well as Jerry Brown’s approval ratings? Of course, the answer is no.  California is #1 in poverty and at the bottom when it comes to economic freedom.  Those two statistics belong in the same sentence because the first is caused by the latter. As to economic … 0 96

What Did The Alabama Result Tell Us

There was a special election in Alabama and the whole Media world came, just not many voters.  So what does it all mean? Roy Moore was not a good candidate.  He was unable to unify his party because of his polarizing past – a past that preceded the current charges. … 3 154

Jerry Brown Arrogantly Preaches While CA Burns

California is on fire again.  There can be little doubt that massive wildfires have plagued the state this year, taken lives and burned countless homes. So many have faced devastation. So, what is Jerry Brown doing about it? Well, Jerry is preaching. On national television, Brown said: “I don’t think … 7 206

Jerusalem, Trump & Media Bias

President Trump made a campaign promise to establish the U.S. Embassy in Israel.  Recently, he declared that the U.S. would do just that. As you may know, in 1995, President Bill Clinton signed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.  It is U.S. law.  Not a policy.  LAW.  Here it is: “Jerusalem … 1 102

Mueller & Company Have to GO – Mueller Subpoenas Trump Bank Records and FBI and Justice Department Corruption Needs to End

*Updated at 11:59 am PST. The criminalization of politics in officially out of control. Today we learn from Bloomberg tha :  Mueller Subpoenas Trump Deutsche Bank Records Really, did I miss the memo that says that Mueller can investigate anything he wants? Wasn’t he given a fairly specific task with … 0 154

The Kate Steinle Saga – A Total Failure Of Government

Kate Steinle is no longer alive. Her death, however, was no accident.  It was a total failure of government. Ask yourself . . . Who is responsible for policing our borders?  It is government. Who is responsible for public safety?  It is government. Who is responsible for the justice system? … 1 131

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