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California Exposed – by Thomas Del Beccaro and Katy Grimes

Have you noticed California is in the national news these days? Is it because of technology? The beaches?  Farm production? The answer is no.  This is the new California – which is Two Californias. California used to be known for making movies, for Silicon Valley and for being the bread … 2 1713

Where We Stand: America in 2018

Obviously, America is rather divided. At any one moment, between 30% and 40% of each side will support their own side and oppose the other side reflexively – regardless of the issue or the truth.    Just over a year into the Trump Presidency, we find:   1. He has … 0 1036

How Gun Rights Highlight The Divided Era

Have you ever agreed to disagree with a close friend? Or a spouse? If you have, presumably it was because you valued the relationship more than the issue.  So you agree not to force your view on the other. That is not how government works. Government often decides issues.  It … 0 954

Deleting Emails Is Against The Law? Who knew? – Mueller’s Latest Indictment

Remember when Hillary deleted over 33,000 emails claiming there weren’t work related even though they were subject to subpoena and a State Department request to hand them over?  Remember when she wiped her computer server clean? Hillary claimed the deleted emails were not work related.  Of course, she decided that … 1 1391

Stephen Moore: Making America a strategic mineral superpower

The worst of American policies over the last fifty years has been our energy policies.  Until recently, we denied the use of our own energy and enriched the Middle East and the Soviet Union.  That not only funded terror, it increased our defense costs, reduced the number of jobs in … 0 920

A modern Conspiracy So Immense – Rosenstein Should Recuse Himself Now

In 1983, David Oshinsky’s book hit the stores.  It detailed the life Joseph McCarthy and his fight against communism. The title reflected McCarthy’s deeply held belief about the size of the communist conspiracy, from Russia, that he believed existed to undermine and infiltrate the United States. Today, a conspiracy resides … 0 1157

It Would Be Reckless To Trust The FBI and the DOJ

Do you trust the FBI?  Do you trust the Department of Justice? For years the Left told America to Question Authority.  Now, however, as Michael Goodwin puts it “Evidence Suggests a Massive Scandal Is Brewing at the FBI, the Left doesn’t want us to question the FBI, the DOJ or … 0 1104

Could the Media be wrong? Ohio Democrats Tell CNN Trump Has Had a ‘Fantastic’ Year

The American Media speaks in apocalyptic terms about Trump, America and the World. Trump is unacceptable to them and his policies are destroying the Country if not the world. It may well be, however, that many Americans don’t agree with the Media. CNN found out just that. From the Washington … 0 1055

Imagine If We Had a Normal Presidency: Love Him Or Hate Him, Trump Deserves Credit For Booming Economy

Imagine if we had a normal presidency.  Actually, that may not be a good idea – the last several presidencies have had weak performing economies.  Now we have this. “A recent Quinnipiac poll found that two thirds say the economy is “excellent or good,” which is the highest ever for … 1 922

6 Reason Chad Mayes in Wrong – A Coalition of Moderates That Lack Solutions

Chad Mayes used to be the Republican Assembly Leader in California.  He was dumped from power for siding with the Democrats on cap and trade.  He delivered 8 Republicans votes for the bill – two of those votes allowed endangered Democrats in Republican leaning seats to vote no on the … 0 983

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