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The Kate Steinle Saga – A Total Failure Of Government

Kate Steinle is no longer alive.

Her death, however, was no accident.  It was a total failure of government.

Ask yourself . . .

Who is responsible for policing our borders?  It is government.

Who is responsible for public safety?  It is government.

Who is responsible for the justice system? It is government.

Who tried the case against her murderer? It was the government.

Surely our governments should be able to stop someone from crossing the border illegally five times.

Surely our governments should be able to keep someone who commits seven felonies off the streets.

Surely our governments should be able prosecute the criminal who fired the gun, found with gun residue on his hand, that kills someone.

It is absurd that our border is so porous that even a low level and lowlife criminal could evade the law five times.

It is absurd that someone could commit seven felonies and be released by our governments into the streets.

It is absurd that the government prosecution couldn’t convict the person who pulled the trigger.

In the final and only analysis possible, we have to conclude that government failed Kate Steinle and therefore all of us at every level.

And yet, none of them will pay any price.

Kate paid the price. Her family paid the price. Our society pays the price.

~ ~

With regard to the jury.  Did they decide to “nullify” the law in question and refuse to find the killer guilty of second degree murder?  Or perhaps to send the President a message? Or to defend their Sanctuary State beliefs?

Time will tell.  There will be interviews and statements and perhaps books. If they did, you will know how far Left San Francisco has become and how lawless society is. Remember that it is a law of history that as laws multiply, they become less respected. Who now thinks we have too few laws?  Who now thinks the law is respected?

I note that the Left claims that Sanctuary State status promotes safety because it encourages those here illegally to report crimes. Beyond the cynicism evident on the face of their claim, with this verdict, you have to question who exactly benefits from that alleged greater safety. Not Kate. Not her Family.

In truth, there is no study that supports their claim of safety.  None. It is a made-up defense repeated over and over until it becomes its own narrative.

Finally, I just don’t understand why you put such faith in government. Tell me what it does so well.  Keep us safe? Build roads?  Educate? Protect? Spend? Heal? Heck, the effort to reform the tax code shows it cannot even tax well.

All of that is not to say there are no good people in government trying to do good things.  There are.  Millions likely.

At some point though, you must come to understand that human dynamics and incentives involved in government dramatically limit its effectiveness – that public pursued ideology and graft are worse than private greed – and that all this faith and money you put into government is often misplaced – sometimes dangerously so. Just ask the Steinles.

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  1. Great points, but…


    Kate Steinle’s murder by a five time deported, seven time felon illegal immigrant was not a “failure” of government. It was not another example of government incompetence.

    Kate Steinle’s murder by a five time deported, seven time felon illegal immigrant was the inevitable result of a conscious and deliberate decision by government and #RulingClass, Reps and Dems, business and labor unions, to not enforce America’s #Immigration laws. The Dems want to stack the voting deck, and the business and donor class want cheap labor. [Why the Reps don’t understand the Dems are stacking the voting deck, and why business seeing the example of California does not understand that cheap labor is not cheap is beyond me to comprehend.]

    The inevitable results of this uncontrolled #IllegalImmigration are murdered, raped and robbed Americans; massive burden on American taxpayers [$25 BILLION per year just in California]; lost jobs and lower wages for Americans, particularly lower skill Americans hindering their ability to get on the economic ladder to success; schools crowded with non English speaking illegal immigrant children interfering with the education of American children; illegal immigrants jumping the line ahead of Americans in college; and emergency rooms crowded with illegal immigrants seeking free medical care [free to them, not American taxpayers].

    However, to the government and #RulingClass, Reps and Dems, business and labor unions, these are small prices to pay to achieve their political and economic goals. They are in Peggy Noonan’s words “the protected.” They get benefits of #IllegalImmigration and rarely do they or their families pay the costs. They don’t care about their fellow “unprotected” Americans, who they regard with disdain and contempt and believe are their moral, intellectual and cultural inferiors.

    The sole bright side of this situation is this is a large part of the reason we have President Donald J. Trump and not President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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