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What Did The Alabama Result Tell Us

There was a special election in Alabama and the whole Media world came, just not many voters.  So what does it all mean?

  1. Roy Moore was not a good candidate.  He was unable to unify his party because of his polarizing past – a past that preceded the current charges. No one seriously believes that a less polarizing Republican would not have won the race. Any one who reads an overarching trend in this race is reaching.  This race – which ended nearly tied – featured a bad Republican candidate.
  2. This was not about Trump. The special election races this year have been largely split between the parties.  It may be that Trump and the Republicans have not increased their winning 2018 coalition as much as they should have, but this race was not about that. Moore is and was a unique candidate.
  3. Divided parties lose races.  When the Democrats were divided in 1968, they lost the Presidential election even though the economy was not that bad and they were the incumbent party. In special elections, if the opposition is motivated, the party divided tends to lose races. That happened yesterday.
  4. Low Republican turnout.  Republicans, the dominant party in Alabama, did not come out in droves. Why? 1 and 2 above.  Does that tell us anything about 2018?  Only if Republicans in Congress fail to accomplish anything between now and then, i.e. fail to pass a tax bill and fail to do anything on healthcare.  If they do fail to do those things, 2 above will become the dominant dynamic in 2018 as Republican voters divide over why those currently in office are not doing their job.  If they do pass tax reform, the burst of economic activity in 2018 will bode well for them in 2018 in the House and Senate and Alabama will be a distant memory.

In the final analysis, Alabama likely was a unique circumstance – unless Republicans choose to repeat it.

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  1. The Republican base needs to constantly be reminded just how bad Democrat social, international, and fiscal policies are. Voter turnout is key, and complacency is the biggest risk in 2018 and 2020.

    The Republican brand also needs some positive hype. McConnell and Ryan may not be perfect, but they are NOT the problem. Time to stop the circular firing squad.

  2. My first thought was RECOUNT!!! And you are absolutely right “A house divided shall NOT stand”.The House and Senate need to start doing their JOB and more importantly EFFECTIVELY!!!


    In addition to many reasons to doubt the accusations against Roy Moore of misconduct ~40 years ago [such as the forged yearbook note which Gloria Allred refuses to turnover for independent forensic analysis],

    In addition to Dems’ systematic and widespread vote fraud,

    Let’s remember how Dems conduct elections.

    **In 2004 the Dems and Dan Rather tried to defeat George Bush with forged documents regarding his National Guard service. They planned to release the documents on 60 Minutes the Sunday before the election. Fortunately, they leaked a week early and were quickly shown to be forgeries.

    **In 2012, Harry Reid announced from the Senate floor [where by the way he was immune from suit] that people called and told him Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes for 10 years. The MSM ran with that narrative. After the election when asked whether he regretted lying, Reid said “he didn’t win did he.”

    **In 2016, we have Project Vertas video of paid operatives of the Hillary Clinton campaign explaining how they send people to Donald Trump’s rallies to cause violence and how they planned to commit vote fraud. [What other dirty tricks did Dem operatives do in 2016 and did they do in Alabama?]

    **In 2016, the Dems [illegally] paid millions of dollars for the fake dossier based on Russian intelligence which they tried to peddle to the media and the Obama admin used to get FISA warrants to spy on, “wiretap” Donald Trump and his associates.

    **Since the election, the Dems and MSM [but then I repeat myself] continued to push the “Donald Trump colluded with the Russians” narrative without a shred of evidence.

    The “late hit” unsubstantiated allegations against Roy Moore should be seen in this context of how the Dems and their MSM propagandists wage elections.

    @MooreSenate #RoyMooreForSenate #AlabamaSenateRace

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