5 questions for Frank DeMartini – Conservative Running For Congress in Hollywood

PV’s Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Frank DeMartini

Question No. 1.  Why CA-43?; Why Should Republicans Support an Effort to Unseat this Incumbent?

Frank DeMartini:

Maxine Waters has been in Congress way too long.  She is out of touch with her constituency and has become a typical Washington, corrupt politician.  She just doesn’t care about the people she represents any longer.  She only cares about herself.  Her tenure has been full of scandals and self-enrichment.  It’s time for change.

I am the person to take her on.  I share the values of the people in the district.  It’s about the working man and woman.  I am a working man trying to make ends meet.  I care about the single mother or father trying to make ends meet.  I have that history.  I care about the unemployed who would like nothing more than to find a job and support the family.  I care about education for our children.  Maxine Waters does not.

I was born in Long Island, NY to a blue collar, FDR Democrat working class family.  My father worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and when it closed, he was out of a job.  He eventually was lucky and was hired to help build the Lunar Modules for Grumman Aerospace.  That job lasted until the Apollo program was defunded.  From that point forward, my dad took whatever job he could get.  His last job was as a cleaning man in a department store.

My mom raised three children and was forced to work part time to help support the family.  She was an aide at the local school cafeteria.  She did not choose to work.  She had to work.

Both of my parents did what they could to give me the opportunity to go to college and achieve my dreams; something neither my brother nor sister ever had.  Importantly, no one in our family ever voted Republican until Ronald Reagan in 1980.  They were lifelong Democrats.  At that point, they realized the Democratic Party no longer represented the working class.  It had become the party of big business, banks, Wall Street and the Ivy League elite.  Since Reagan, this has worsened.  Maxine Waters exemplifies the problem, not the solution.

After graduating from Syracuse University and Touro College School of Law, I moved to Los Angeles in 1986.  I have been here ever since.  Southern California is my home.  I started practicing law and later became a film producer.  Luckily, I achieved my dreams.  But, Maxine Waters and the Washington Establishment have not done anything to help the children of California 43 achieve their dreams.  Instead, they are satisfied keeping them on the public doll in order to achieve a permanent dependency class.  No one has achieved anything on Welfare.  They achieve based upon a good paying job and an education.

I want to give some of what I achieved back.  I want to help the people in CA-43.  I am beholden to no one except those I will represent.  I am not part of the K Street Swamp.  The constituents of that district are hardworking people who want to give their kids a better life.  They want their kids educated and to have good careers.  Unfortunately, the current economy in the United States and the current Congress is not making that easy.  I want to help.  My goal is to bring jobs, education and happiness to the people in the district.

Maxine Waters has forgotten her background.  She lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Hancock Park.  She represents Insurance and Real Estate Companies.  Her social positions are far to the left.  She doesn’t even know the dreams of the people in her district.  She is out of touch.  She is Washington, plain and simple.

I’m still that same kid from suburban New York.  I work for a living.  It is tough to pay the bills every month.  I currently live with my wife of three years in a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles.  I remember my background and still deal with it on a day-to-day basis.

We need a change from Maxine Waters’ out-of-touch politics and I am the one to bring it.

Question No. 2.  What is my plan for Unseating Maxine Waters?

Frank DeMartini: Maxine Waters can be beat by using the demographics in the district against her.  A viability poll conducted prior to my campaign by a PAC shows that most of the people in the district continue to vote for her even though they have Conservative values on a number of issues.  For example, most of the Hispanics in the District maintain Catholic Viewpoints on Abortion, Gay Marriage and Transgender Issues.  They do not agree with Ms. Waters hardline liberal stances on those.  Additionally, they tend to favor School Choice, Deregulation and Tax Reform.  Again, these are positions with which they are inapposite to Ms. Waters.

The problem thus far is that no one who has taken her on has had the ability to get the message out.  I’m a Film Producer and have many contacts in media.  I’ve already starting running videos on FB and Twitter.  I intend to expand on this once the campaigning actually begins.

Additionally, I plan on working with Christian Evangelical and Catholic leaders in the district to further get the message out about Maxine’s viewpoints.  I’ve already met with Archbishop Gomez and am in the process of working with him to couch my message to the large Catholic Community in the District.

Question No. 3.   How Can I Reach Independents and Moderate Democrats?

Frank DeMartini: The key will be as outlined in the prior answer.  Additionally, I’m starting to put together a team to work with me in the Senior Community, specifically through Senior Communities, in addition to, religious organizations.  The goal will be to get the message out as efficiently as possible taken into account cash available.

Again, my position as a Film Producer will help as I understand marketing, specifically target marketing and have the ability to make the most of the funds I have available.

Question No. 4.   What Would My Priorities Be If Successful?

Frank DeMartini: My first priority would be to get into Tax and Economic Issues.  In addition to being a Film Producer, I’ve been a tax attorney for more than 30 years.  I understand the tax code and the incentives built in.  See below for my details on this.

Additionally, I would work with religious leaders in the community to deal with the Immigration Issue as best as possible to represent the people in my district and keep within my Conservative Values.  I believe building the wall is necessary to protect the border, not just for immigration purposes, but for Security as well.  In some ways, these are competing interests.  I believe my position paper on my website deals with these competing interests as well.

My third priority would be to deal with the Homeless Issue in the District and with Veterans.  Unfortunately, these two issues seem to be tied together as Veterans make up a large chunk of the homeless.  Again, I believe this issue is addressed quite well on my campaign page.

My final priority would be a Constitutional Amendment on Term Limits.  I will work with Ted Cruz in the Senate to put this together.  I would also like to add a mandatory retirement age for Congress as well.  We need to continually bring new blood into government.  Having career politicians in DC has gotten us into most of the mess we are in now.

Question No.  5. How Would I Vote On Tax Reform and Why?

Frank DeMartini: As of this moment, I would vote for the current House Plan.  However, I’m not sure how I would feel about the Senate Plan.  We need Reagan era tax reform and simplification.  The current bill in the Senate is flawed.  It has too many tax brackets and does not make the individual tax breaks permanent.  The House bill is the way to go.

It will not only stimulate the economy, but will help the working man.  When you look at this bill with President Trumps other policies, i.e. infrastructure and fair trade, you will see the economy hit somewhere around 3.5%.  When it hits that number, the bill will become revenue neutral and the middle class will benefit tremendously.  The deficits will slowly disappear as that level of growth is reached.  The fear Democrats are pushing regarding this bill creating a larger deficit is unfounded and nothing more than another form of Identity Politics.

Are there problems with the bill?  Of course, no bill is perfect.  But as drafted now, I would definitely support the House version.  One of my biggest issues is the elimination of the personal exemption.  This has got to be addressed in the final version of the bill.  As it stands now, someone with a lot of dependents, who are not children, will be hurt very badly.  This will affect the poor and the middle class much more than the rich.   However, I believe most of these issues will be addressed in the final draft.  I would love to sit on the Conference Committee on this bill!

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