California Crazy: Raise Taxes or Ration Health Care?

Obamacare was a lie from day one; consumers were duped and then dropped from their health plans, all in a scheme to force America into a single-payer health care system.

As if we haven’t already watched the epic failure of Obamacare and the loss of quality health care, California Democrats tried to pass single-payer health care in 2017.  However, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon pulled the two-year bill, until they could revisit it in 2018.

Single-payer has failed spectacularly everywhere it has been tried. The United Kingdom and Canada most notoriously force patients to wait months for routine care — if they’re able to get care at all.

Canada’s government-run universal coverage system really only means coverage if you live to see the doctor.

In today’s Sacramento Bee, the single-payer plan is being pushed again.

“California currently spends roughly $400 billion per year on health care,” according to a Sacramento Bee analysis.

Half of that already comes from taxpayers.

Read the Sacramento Bee article here. And weep.

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