Del Beccaro: To the American Left: The Real Threat to Democracy Is Runaway Spending

Senator Joe Manchin—and 50 other Senators are standing up to runaway spending. A minority of them think otherwise. As a result, according to the Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, “democracy is hanging by a thread.” In truth, however, runaway spending and inflation have historically preceded the end of democracy—not fiscal prudence.

The American Left is beside itself despite its recent spending victories. Keep in mind, when considering the derailment of Biden’s latest spending bill, that federal spending has doubled since 2008. It was under $3 trillion then and well above $6 trillion now.

It took 200 years for us to reach a trillion in spending and sadly that was at the end of the Reagan Presidency. Despite Reagan stating, at the outset of his presidency, that “government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem,” in today’s dollars, federal government spending has grown 400 percent since he said those words.

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