Does the Biden Administration Want A Nuclear Iran?

The Obama Administration negotiated a toothless deal with the Iranian clerics that ended US sanctions and gave large amounts of money to the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism in exchange for the empty promise that Iran would delay its ambitions to become a nuclear power by ten years. Six years on, there are few signs that the Iranians ever so much as tapped the brakes on their nuclear program. The Biden Administration believes that it was Trump’s abandonment of the faux nuclear deal and his reimposition of sanctions that led to Iran’s intransigence on the issue. So far, Biden’s team seems eager only to undo any policy set by President Trump. Given the weakness of the Obama Era nuclear deal and the single minded effort to restore it without tougher provisions acknowledging Iran’s unwillingness to follow the deal in the first place; Iran will see sanctions lifted for doing precisely, nothing. Does this mean the Biden Administration wants to see a nuclear armed Iran?

Reversing Trump At Any Cost

Seeing the faux Iran deal for what it clearly was: not worth the copious paper upon which it was printed, in 2017 President Trump immediately abandoned the United States’ end of the deal and reimplemented the tough sanctions that had devastated the Iranian economy and brought that rogue nation to its knees. Iran’s economy immediately began to suffer. Iran, however, had no intention of upholding its end of the bargain, Iran wants to join the nuclear club. Why not? Since 1945, when nuclear (atomic) weapons were deployed for the first, second and final time thus far, in combat, no nation possessing said weapons has ever directly attacked another who is likewise nuclear armed. The reason is simple: the cost of war is too high.

To attack a fellow nuclear power is suicidal: that power can, even if only as a final resort, employ intensely destructive weapons against its enemy and their allies. If Iran could join this distinguished club of nuclear armed nations, as North Korea most recently has done, then Iran, too, will be immune to attack. North Korea sought the weapon and deliberately staked out the persona of a crazed and out of control regime that might employ such a weapon simply to stave off any possible attack as leverage in negotiations with its enemies. Iran actually is a fanatical terrorist regime bent upon the annihilation of Israel. Imagine, nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, not an unlikely scenario if Iran possessed nuclear weapons.

On this very sobering topic, though, the Biden Administration is now pursuing an almost Quixotic crusade to purge all Trump Era policies regardless of the potential harm. They want to return to the Obama Era nuclear deal with Iran as if the Trump years never even happened. Don Quixote’s quest to rid the world of windmills actually seems more rational. Were the consequences of such madness not so dire, the situation might seem comical. Unfortunately, if Iran develops nuclear weapons it will endanger the entire region. Together with their new long-range ballistic missiles, Iran’s nukes can be used to threaten US allies in the region and as far afield as Europe.

Iranian Malfeasance

Iran has never intended to delay their nuclear program. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which conducts inspections in Iran, has issued its umpteenth report describing Iranian indifference to the inspection regime and the limits supposedly imposed upon them. Radiation has been detected at sites the IAEA has been prevented from inspecting. Iran is known have highly enriched uranium in storage at levels far beyond the imposed limits. Meanwhile, they continue to enrich uranium to 60% at their Natanz site, which was recently damaged by in Israeli covert operation.

Meanwhile, a leaked audio recording of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif alleges that John Kerry gave Iran intelligence about Israeli operations against Iranian interests in Syria. If true, this represents a serious breach of trust between the United States and one of its closest allies. That the allegations are even plausible demonstrates in what little regard the Biden Admin and Obama Administration before it hold Israel as an ally.

If Iran has never abided by the nuclear deal, if the Biden Administration is blindly moving forward with resuming the deal, and if the deal itself never had any substantial teeth, then what is the purpose of this arrangement in the first place?

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during a news conference
in Tehran on Feb. 5. (Attat Kenare / AFP/Getty Images)

Iran As a Nuclear Power

It would be easy to assert, then, that the Biden Administration, like the Obama officials before, actually want Iran to join the nuclear club. Perhaps they think Iran will become a regional counterweight to Israel, the perennial persona non grata to antisemitic administrations like those of Obama and Biden. Perhaps they believe it will weaken the surrounding Arab states. The most deluded of these deep state government officials may actually believe they are preventing a war this way. The closer Iran comes to nuclear weapons, however, the more likely a war becomes. Israel cannot allow Iran to develop such weapons and the Arab states are likewise going to hold the same line.

Iran is ruled by psychotic, fanatical, and oppressive religious clerics many of whom believe by attacking Israel they will be bringing on an apotheosis wherein their magical 12th Imam will come down from heaven to lead the faithful in a holy war against the Jews and Christians. Should such people as these be armed with nuclear weapons?! Certainly not. Jews faced the very real threat of extinction almost eight decades ago during the Holocaust. Jews should not be forced to live in daily fear for their lives once again, this time under the invisible veil of a threatened nuclear attack. Those of us who remember even the toned down and tempered final years of the Cold War know, this is not a pleasant way to live.

Renewed Middle East War

It is clear now that the Biden Administration is not just seeking to renew its toothless and unenforceable deal with Iran, but that this effort is distinctly aimed at weakening Israel; one of America’s closest allies. There are signals from the Biden Administration, for example, that they support the current rioting in Palestinian communities and may be encouraging violence against Israel as punishment for Israel’s ongoing opposition to the restored Obama Era nuclear deal. The obvious betrayal here gives away a great deal about the Administration’s intentions in the region. They care nothing for Israel’s security, they are unconcerned about Jews living in fear of annihilation, and they do not seem to care if they provoke violence or even a war in their efforts.

Israel and its new allies among the Gulf States cannot sit idly by and allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. They must act. Time is growing short. If the Biden Administration truly wished to prevent a war, they would have continued Donald Trump’s policies that were meeting with broad success. Once again the psychotic fixation of the American left with “orange man bad” outweighs any and all rationality and good sense. While Iran, America’s greatest enemy in the region, continues to inch closer to a nuclear weapon, the Biden Administration is off to sleigh windmills and do whatever damage it can to America’s allies.

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